I am Rhea Noel. I was Navy here in the US for two years, and am now a disabled veteran. I served proudly and am now concerned with our men and women overseas fighting this war.This site is in honor of all Active Duty Military and All veterans world wide. You will find pages of poetry written by veterans and by myself. I hope you stop and read some of the best war poetry to hit the internet and take a moment to remeber the freedoms you have are because so many men and women were willing to risk their lives to give you yours.

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Rhea Noel

Sitting here, a vacant face, one of disbelief,
the ravages of war, the skin now cold, of the man beneath
A soldier cries, tears of pain, for a fallen friend,
One who must now be sent home, a family full of pain.

He fought for peace and for hope
a new world to provide
He heard the bombs, saw the tears, a world blown up at night.
Bullets flew, and grenades, and Tommys filled the sky...
He fought so bravely, no one knew, that he cried at night.

Family so far away, so many now torn here,
and for his own, freedom rings, for others he shed a tear.

He is a fallen soldier, a Hero, through and through,
he fought for freedoms' ringing bell,
for them and me and you.

So before you condemn this war
think of all you have...
how many soldeirs died, their lives they freely gave,
so that the life you lead is safe from fear
free to live day to day??

Rhea Noel MacDonald
copyright 04APR2003  0939am
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