Richard Dunn II


Richard Dunn II


            My name is Ricky Dunn and I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  I graduated in 2000 from Richmond Senior High School in Rockingham, North Carolina.  I am currently a freshman that enjoys outdoor sports such as football and basketball.  I also play intramural sports.  I plan to major in Computer Science and maybe minor in Physical Education so I could be a computer teacher in high school and also coach high school football or basketball.  I also have another web page that was developed by my friends and I, so if you want to check it out then just click here.


The following two questions were asked of us to answer on the first day of class:


1.What do you think of writing?

I think writing is important in some aspects of life.  Writing should be necessary to learn, and everyone should know how to do it.  It is used in everyday life, rather it’s at school, or even at the office you may work in, it is very important. 


2.What do you want to get out of this class?

            I want to learn to write better essays, papers, etc.  I also want to learn the different styles of writing.  I would like to learn how to research material to write about, and learn to cite sources for the various writings that I will do.



Proposal: Why Students Need to Read Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography

Definition: The Revolutionary War in Colonial America

Evaluation: Title


Presentation: Title


I deserve an A, because according to Dr. Canada’s syllabus. An “A student who earns an A has excelled in both skills and knowledge.  In content, clarity, style, and integrity, the student's work fully or almost fully meets course criteria.  In short, the student has mastered the material and is likely to succeed in future challenges”.      Library research skills…

Causal: Title

Ready Reference handbook..  To show that I properly gave credit to the author

.  I follow the MLA format that is given in this handbook on pages 347 to 365.  To show that I effectively use the correct format I have taken a piece from my proposal that I did on why students should have to read Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography.  This is an example from that essay, “Franklin stated in his autobiography that “I was to take with me Letters recommendatory to a Number of his Friends, besides the Letter of Credit to furnish me with the necessary Money for purchasing the Press and Types, Paper, etc.”(31).”.