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William Winmill

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Joseph Smith Winmill
Joseph Dee Winmill
Carol Jean Barlow Winmill


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Peter Fullmer

John S. Fullmer

William Price Fullmer, Sr.
William Price Fullmer, Jr.
Margaret Fullmer Barlow


Laird Family Histories

Hugh and Elizabeth Rennie

James Laird

Elizabeth Laird Winmill


Barlow  Family Histories

Israel Barlow

Truman Heap Barlow

Truman Call Barlow

Newell Barlow

Margaret Fullmer Barlow


Rowe Family Histories

William Rowe

Matilda Rowe Mathie


Call Family Histories

Anson Call (Link)

Fannie Call


Whiting Family Histories

Elisha Whiting (Link)

Edwin Whiting (Link)

Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting

Albert Milton Whiting

Fannie Verona Whiting


Rampton Family Histories

Henry Rampton (Link)

Nellie Rampton Barlow



Mac Duff Family Histories

John R MacDuff (Link)

Alice Ada  Mc Duff (Link) 






The Winmill Family  Home Page  provides a shared resource for the family of Joseph Dee Winmill and Carol Jean Barlow as a  convenient means of sharing family histories and genealogy.

Family histories and genealogy are provided in these pages focusing on their ancestors.    As family histories, genealogies and photos  become available and valuable links are discovered they will be posted on these pages. 

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Featured Family History


The Expulsion of the Saints from Nauvoo

by John  S. Fullmer


Family Histories Recently Added

Albert Milton & Susannah Perry Whiting Family History

Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting Family History

Matilda Rowe Mathie Family history


Our Family Speaks

Testimony of Joseph Smith By Edwin Whiting

“My children, I have guarded the prophet Joseph Smith while he slept; I have guarded him while he walked the earth. I have slept at his side. I have felt the power of God in his life. I have seen the mantel of the Holy Ghost hover over him. I have received the witness that I know that he is and he was a prophet of the living God, and I want you children, may family to honor him and to honor each succeeding prophet following him because your security in the kingdom of God and your security in the church depends upon your full allegiance in the prophets in the earth. This testimony I leave with you and I know that he was indeed a prophet of the living God.”


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Family History and Genealogy Links



 Joseph Smith Winmill Ancestor, US

Winmill Family History, US and UK

Helmdon Winmills, UK
Barry Woods Pages, UK

Bedford, UK Winmill

Potterpury, UK

Hartwell, UK



Barlow Clearlinghouse, US and UK

The Israel Barlow Family Association Web Page



Anson Call Biography



Fullmer Family Genealogy Information
Vollmar Family Genealogy Page, US and Germany

Fullmer (Peter) Family Home Page

John Solomon Fullmer Family, TN and UT

William Price Fullmer, Sr.

William Price Fullmer, Jr.

Margaret Fullmer Barlow



Elizabeth Laird Winmill
James Laird & Mary Rennie

Hugh and Elizabeth Rennie

Antrim, N. Ireland



Ethel Mathie, US and Scotland

Matilda Rowe Mathie



John Robertson MacDuff

Ada Alice McDuff Rampton



Henry Rampton Family



William Rowe & Elizabeth Murdock



 Edwin Whiting and Elizabeth Partridge Tillotson, US

Edwin Whiting Online Archive

Edwin Whiting History

Histories Of Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting


“When the real history of mankind is disclosed, will it feature the echoes of gunfire or the shaping sound of lullabies?  The great armistices made by military men or the peacekeeping of women in homes and neighborhoods?  Will what happened in the cradles and kitchens arrive to be more controlling than what happened in congresses?  When the surf of centuries has made  the great pyramids so much sand, the everlasting family will still be standing,  because it is a celestial institution."   

 --Elder Neal A. Maxwell


The following disclaimer applies to all of my genealogy web pages. While I have researched some of the information contained on these pages myself, much of it has come from other researchers and has not been verified by me. Please make sure to verify all information for yourself.

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Laird Scot or Irish Theory

Biographies and Writings

Assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith by John S. Fullmer

The Expulsion of the Saints from Nauvoo by John S. Fullmer

Josiah Stowell Letters by J. S. Fullmer

Open & Close Nauvoo's Door

Anson Call Journal Link

Laird Histories

Israel Barlow Body Guard

Edwin Whiting on Joseph Smith


Family History

 Photo Gallery



Stoney Stratford

Martin's Cove

Rocky Ridge

Richard Winmill Family

Laird Family

Kent Stake Handcart Trek


Family History


William Price Fullmer, Jr.

Fullmer Family Genealogy

Israel Barlow Association

Laird Family Web Site

Henry Rampton Family


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Fullmer Family Book/CD-ROM

Israel Barlow Book

Edwin Whiting & His Family

 Henry Rampton Family CD


Other Family History Links

The Pioneer Story

Pioneer Overland Travel

Trail of Hope Journals


Mormon Family History

Handcart Trek Scripts

Martyrdom of Joseph & Hyrum Smith

Josiah Stowell Letters by J. S. Fullmer

Open & Close Nauvoo's Door

Israel Barlow Body Guard

Anson Call Journal Link

Aaronic Priesthood Commemorations






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