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Hirobo XRB Skyrobo Helicopter Mods
And Accessories
This web site contains modifications and accessories for the Hirobo XRB Skyrobo helicopter
XRB Skycam Built upon request. Includes wireless color camera,receiver video cable,
XRB connector/adapter and noise suppressor
Email for details
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XRB accessories and replacement battery:
Blade Laminating Guide
Fast forward modification
Lube Guide as requested by Niles Owen, Thanks Niles
Out Of Stock
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Chopper1  Corona upgrades
Ballistic Technology
Corona Upgrades
Stock battery extension connects to helicopter and hangs out the side of the canopy. This allows you to connect and disconnect the battery without having to remove the canopy
Ballistic Technology Corona Upgrades Now Available
Carbon Swash Video
The jst adapter lets you use an aftermarket battery with the jst connector
Charging adapter for using your own charger on the 3-wire battery