the potentate's supple wine glass

the hair on my ass

was combed today when the street sweeper went by. I have now experienced a bidet and all without the hastle of boarding a flight to Europe.


I met Wayne Coyne at a water fountain. it was a separate fountain for robot inspectors.††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


inefficiency expert tshirt.


pardon me: I have to drop the kids at the pool.

††††††† we had ballloons. we had beans. I removed a tassel with my pincers.

††††††† we had tried in vain to find that movie with Stockard Channing. from a balloon it is impossible, as are most things.


Mister Kaopectate 2002 has large pectoral muscles. the attendant at the vomiting center offers a most recumbent greeting. your invitation has gravy on it.


because of you, I love my past.


flavorless. namby-pamby.

††††††† Vietnamby pamby. that's not funny.

††††††† the wrong end of the range. waving from.


dogs and cats produce 30.68 million liters of urine per day. this is a straw estimate.

††††††† decline of western infidelity.


I considered her breasts to be an exciting example of product placement.

††††††† please donít tell my dad what I did today.


my inamorata. my significant bother.


dogs and cats produce 18 million kilograms of feces each day quite proudly.


lend voice to your emergent cycle.


approximately 144 flies can be produced from a single defecation.


wayne coyne cant find the off button.

††††††† his mother is upset.

††††††† his brother is on the swing counting saucers.


an average defecation measured in a weightless environment. the length found to be equal to one-half the distance from the farthest, lushest corner of the left hemisphere of Lingbi Stone's brain to the far side of his right hemisphere. notes were taken and fed to dachshunds.

††††††† I find myself smitten with Tawana Brawley. we are out of garbage bags. I wont pull over for the funeral procession. let them be buried at midnight, by torchlight. I'll be shopping for discount milk.

††††††† Deng Xiopeng finds he can better express his feelings from a pagoda. Deng never had any kids.

††††††† Deng's former babysitter.


an efficiency expert was enlisted. as expected she wore a white blouse. I was distracted from my usual pattern of inefficiency.


being shown the box for the first time.


the weight of the average -- if you wish to discover how you measure up --defecation, is calculated at .34 kg.


dont say that.


can I get this in oyster (off season)?


hunger and a cigarette at the liquid aluminum fountain at the Wayne Coyne Centre for picking up chicks in thigh-length skirts.

††††††† I had my eyebrows lowered for the occasion.

††††††† occasional rugs.

††††††† institution of hugs. sign my reprimand. at the deafness institute.

††††††† the introduction of the man who wipes his ass with clouds. to the scene.††††††††††††††††††††††††


the remnants of a blistering noise assault appear nightly on my left shoulder.


uncommon emotional depth.


I saw Wayne holding a plop. his brother was building it a spaceship in the grass from a milk carton.


someone plopped with uncommon emotional depth on the second stage of Lollapalooza in 1992.


Little Stephen Malkmus is rumoured to have talked during his SATs.


the eventual damages phase of the flight was the toughest to take.


may I amend my statement about the muhushi?

††††††† I dont know why your mom would accuse me of editorialism.






s o u r c e s


"The Flaming Lips" on All Music Guide








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