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Ricky Martin's Career Counseling
with that frufru smell
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Dr. Claud Arthur Carlson
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Ricky Martin's Career Counseling is:

A collection of texts designed as collage: the stylistic formats of these pieces use the shapes and tools of both poetry and prose and combine them with pictures and quotations adapted out of context from other web sources and textbooks.

Most of these works are presented in their original form as submitted by the authors. Only pieces in document format are accepted and only .doc items are published. Any editied is done by myself, Ricard Martines. One common editing necessity is the adjustment of font choices: Times New Roman is a commonly installed font. Blood of Dracula is not. Due to limitations in Word documents as a presentational format, the fonts have been simplified. While this does infringe upon the artistic integrity of the pieces presented in Ricky martin's Carreer Counseling, such an adjustment makes the writing more accessible.
Ricard Martines
Sept. 11, 2002

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