Still looking over bridges.
Still taking pictures of all green things.
This series features other colors and one page has very few colors at all.
This site in progress, hard hats please.
I went up to N.Central Louisiana instead of a planned riding trip to Arkansas because, let's say it was all in the timing and the Arkansas thing would not have been well timed. It was a compromise. Sometimes ya gotta do those and usually its the best idea anyway. That was the case here.
We arrived at Caney Lake State Park, east of Jonesborro, La., Wednesday afternoon. Set camp up and just relaxed. Got the bike already for the next day's adventure. That night was camera time. The beginning and end of a day make the best pictures. I think we think that be- cause they to us are surreal. Surreal
Bridge at Cloud Crossing, neat name!
because we are bright light beings. Its all going on 8 to 5. Then we collapse and miss the best parts. Then we see an evening or morning shot and say, "Wow, the light is so great!" (ie, different). These pictures were at our campsite. The light is the key. Flashes mess it up. They highlight what is immediately up front and the background is left in the void. Of course that can be used like below.
Like I know what I'm talking about, Mr. Point and shoot Kodak Digital. Duh. Just lucky sometimes. I throw away more thaN I take, 3 to 1. Digital is the way to go for an amateur. Back to bikes and exploring. There will be ample ride discriptions and maps for this "compromise" outing. I can be compromised again if its as good as this was.