Arunel Smallfoot

Born in Corm Op, Arunel joined up with an adventuring band learned how to fight under their tutelage.

Arunel is not your typical halfling. He is tall and broad shouldered, and very muscular. He wears chain mail armor and prefers to use a short sword with his shield.


Brandon Took

Fiesty and devious would best describe Brandon Took. Brandon was born and raised in Waterdeep. He enjoys life and is always working on a plan to get rich.

Brandon loves to gather information and sell it to the highest bidder. He also likes to take risks. He is currently down in undermountain with the Deep Delver's adventuring company acting as their scout and thief.


Marcus Tom

Marcus was born in Luskan and has been travelling around the Sword Coast ever since.

Famous for his drinking, carousing and large debt, Marcus is not the model soldier and will probably never rise above the rank of Corporal in the House Hussien Mercenary Company.



Summerwind is a devout priestess of Mystra. She was born and raised in the city and grew up studying magic throughout her life.

Talented and beautiful, Summerwind will always lend a hand to those in need.



Rorque is one of the most prominent bakers in all of Waterdeep, as well as one of its most notorious thiefs. He uses this guise to provide a legitimate front for his illicit activities.

Rorque's dream is to build a true thieves guild that works under the disparaging gaze of the Lords of Waterdeep.



Katrine is a Thief Catcher for the City Watch. Her job is to ensure the protection of the city from unruly thieves in the city.

Katrine likes to keep to herself. Her other watch members accept her grudgingly on their patrols, but she knows that she is an outsider. Some people are wondering if Katrine is a Shadow Walker but this has yet to be determined.


Elmura of Highmoon

Elmura was born in Highmoon, Deepening Dale and left with the Far Riders Adventuring Company to see the world.

After many years of adventuring, Elmura now has settled down in her castle, and spends her time travelling the planes and training apprentice mages.


Jordan Calagore

Jordan Calagore is the son of Lord Daren Calagore and heir to the Calagore name. His stunning good looks, and mischievious smile keeps him a popular noble.

Jordan is now learning that his life is full of duties and he feels tied down by his name. He intends someday to adventure in Undermountain with the Deepdelvers.


Josetalla Tantalon

Josetalla Tantalon was born 145 years ago in Cormanthor. She met her husband while travelling the Realms with the Far Riders, and is good friends with Elmura.

Josie Enjoys baking, and is often enlisting the help of guardsmen with her gardening, paying them with sweets and baked goods.


Jardis Tantalon

Jardis was born in Evereska 250 years ago, and grew up loving nature. He is a very adept ranger, and is rarely home, as he prefers life outside of the city.

Jardis does enjoy his homelife when he is home, and loves his wife dearly. He hopes to train his newborn child someday in the ways of the woods.


Welverin Veladorn

Little is known about this man, perhaps it is his half drow heritage which keeps him apart from the rest of the world.

Welverin is an enigma and is rarely seen outside of the Port of Shadows. He comes to Waterdeep only if he needs to be there. He can be contacted at the Spider, a Tavern in the Trades Ward.