Cal Classic Equipment Divers
California Classic Equipment Divers
Organizer:  Charles E. Orr
Webmaster:  Dorothy Barstad
The California Classic Equipment Divers was organized by Charles Orr and William "Duke" Drake in August 1998 and was the first working equipment group on the west coast.  The purpose of the group is to actively dive the classic gear, both hard hat and vintage scuba, to demonstrate the techniques used in diving the old equipment, to preserve it's history and to honor the men who dove it.

Membership is FREE to anyone interested in preserving our diving history (must be over 18).  Members are expected to participate in the events, workshops, and meetings on a regular basis whenever possible.

Members are encouraged to bring their own diving gear to the rallies and events that take place throughout the year.  All equipment must be in good working order and a mandatory inspection is required before it is used at an event.  All equipment is owned and maintained by individual members.

Safe diving is practiced at all times.  Each member is required to read and be familiar with the CCED Safe Practices Guidelines.
Dive Rallies & Events:
DUI DOG Days COO-San Diego 3/12-13/2005
The Com Line - CCED Newsletter
COO Rally - Wilmington 5/7/2005
COO-San Diego 4/9/2005
The Braile Box
COO Rally - Wilmington 8/20/2005
COO-San Diego 9/10/2005
L.A. Maritime Museum -  9/3/2005
COO Rally - Wilmington 2/11/2006
COO-San Diego 4/1/2006
Bert Cutting
Blind Commercial Diver