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Welcome my friend.

Hi I am riyas, I am hearty welcomes you for my web.It was a think for showing me to others.First created in 1999 for simple mode,but today i make a real website and day to day updation.I provide so many facility in this site,It have many useful links for the user.Then e-mail,Chat,jokes and important essays and speech. I am thanking to some of them for helping to create this site,sapace provider Yahoo! and my domain provider CJB.net,Google,clock link and my tutor.You must see all the pages of this site and enjoy.Good luck.

How our India after 20 years? A brief note.

We have often asked ourselves and others why India in its several thousand years of history has rarely tried to expand its territories or to assume a dominating role. Many of the experts and others with whom we had a dialogue referred to some special features of the Indian psyche which could partly explanin this: greater tolerance, less discipline, the lack of a sense of retaliation, more flexibility in acceptance outsiders, great adherence to hierarchy, and emphasis on personal safety over adventure. Some felt that a combination of many of thesefeatures has affected our ability to pursue a vision tenaciously.      >>More...

The main problems affecting the modern community!

How do you tell if someone has a drinking problem? It is often a judgment made after assessing the persons drinking habits, how much and when, the effect on him emotionally and physically also family members, friends, employers, and the law. Although there are some ways to find out whether or not someone has a drinking problem, there is also no single set of criteria, which defines the problem drinker. You can ask whether the drinking has affected the person’s physical and emotional well being. Has his relationships with his family and friends been affected? Has the persons job been affected, missing work because of drinking, been reprimanded by his employer?             >>Read more...

Eating With Our Fingers, Watching Hindi Cinema And Consuming Cricket

As I begin this, I feel weighed down by the burden of addressing (the 'liberal'?) readers on the regressiveness of a film like Lagaan, and even more weighed down by the prospect of convincing them that cricket in India has been a truly casteist game — a game best suited to Hinduism. So what’s the big deal? As though Indians are the holy saints without abusive words. Actually Indians are the most racist people on earth. India is the only country where we have schedule caste system. Is this not racism??? We have Bungis and untouchables. Who has coined these names? The very Indians brahmans who play cricket and want to be treated with respect. Piss on you all cricketers of India."             >>Read more...

"Creat a big Dream"-Kalam's advice for modern indian youth.

I am indeed delighted to participate in the lecture series organised by the Department of Administrative Reforms "The Ideas that have worked". I was thinking how I could interact with such a powerful team in front of me. It occurs to me that I will put forth some of my experiences, which I have, came through during my professional career and it will be mostly on personalities and events. Of course, in the beginning itself, I must mention to you that I had a rare privilege of working with three great scientific thinkers and fantastic human beings... Prof. Vikram Sarabhai, founder of space technology in India and a visionary; Prof. Satish Dhawan, former Chairman, ISRO, who gave to the country multiple missions like satellite communication and remote sensing and is a great thinker and teacher; and Prof. Brahm Prakash, Former Director of VSSC and the father of nuclear material in India, who in the later years shaped launch vehicle technology. They were responsible for unifying multiple technologies with management and lead successfully satellite and launch vehicle programmes.                     >>Read more...

"Ten points for india gain rich nation."

"The President said that the country's primary challenge was to uplift the 260 million poor in India and remove poverty by 2020". He said that this could be done through a network of connectivities encompassing a knowledge grid, a healthcare grid, e-governance grid and the knowledge grid. He said the focus should be on integrating the entire country economically as it transforms itself into a knowledge society.     >>More...

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