Roberta’s Dances

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Signs of Spring
(March 2003)

Difficulty:  Easy

Duple Improper

A1:  Do-Si-Do Neighbor, Swing Neighbor

A2:  Ladies Do-Si-Do, Gents Allemande Left 1½

B1:  Balance and Swing Partner

B2:  Rights & Lefts, Circle Left ¾ and Pass through up and down



Fly Away

(January 2002)

Difficulty:  Intermediate


A1:  Circle Left ¾, Swing Neighbor on side

A2:  Gents Allemande Left 1½, scoop up partner around waste.  Star Promenade across.  Butterfly Whirl.

B1:  Hey for four

B2:  Balance and Swing Partner, slide left to new hands four

(This is a variation on Heart of Glass by Cary Ravitz.)



Idlewild Jig

(March 2003)

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Duple Improper

Beginning formation:  Wavy line of four with gents taking left hands and rights with their neighbors.  The active gent is facing up.

A1:   Balance the wavy line
Allemande R Neighbor ½-way, Ladies Allemande L ½-way

    Balance the wavy line again
Allemande Right Partner to start a …

A2:   Left shoulder Hey for Four (ladies start)

B1:  Balance and Swing Partner

B2:  Circle Left ¾; Pass Through Up and Down
Allemande Right new Neighbor ¾ to new wavy line



On Thin Ice

(December 2002)

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Duple Improper

A1:   Hands Across Star Right 3 places (end next to Partner)
Gents drop out, Ladies Chain to Neighbor

A2:   Hey for Four

B1:  Ladies Allemande Right 1½; Swing Partner

B2:  Long Lines Forward and Back; Pass Through across the set
Left Hand Star 3 places (to new Right Hand Star)



Road to Suwananoa

(March 2002)

Difficulty:  Easy

Duple Improper

A1:   Do-Si-Do Neighbor; Swing Neighbor

A2:  Circle Left ¾; Swing Partner

B1:  Ladies Chain across; Long Lines go Forward and Back

B2:  Star Right; Star Left