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Dear Friend of Liberty,

Thank you for visiting with us. Just by stopping in you've shown an interest in the timeless ideas of limited government, individual rights and free enterprise that make our party, state and nation proud and strong.

These  ideals and the freedoms that they bring also require that good and concerned citizens undertake the labor necessary to spread these ideas among fellow citizens and those that represent us in government at all levels. As a single individual there is only so much one can do and the task can often seem impossible.

Everyday however, RLC members in Wisconsin and throughout the nation are making the task easier by getting involved in the political process through a variety of activities from simply educating their fellow citizens on various issues to governing as elected representatives of the people.

I invite you to take a look around our website. I think you'll like what you see when you discover that we share many of the same beliefs and desires. I also hope that at the end of your visit you'll decide to join us and get involved with our caucus. 

Remember that when we combine our voices and the resources that we bring to the table, we are surely stronger than if we had remained divided.

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