rosa-maria was here.  2003
now she is lost in space.  also known as motherhood.
this site will always be under construction.  i am a busy woman.
2/7/03:  Life is strange.  Things throw you for loops.  But at the same time, everything seems to flow.  Sounds hippy-like and new agey but I think it's the truth.  Life is getting easier being a mom.  Eva is all smiles most of the time and the things that she does amaze me, I wonder how we could have possibly produced such an amazing child.  But just when I think I have her figured out, she does something to throw me off, like change her nap schedule or learn something new allowing her to get into something new.   I'm meeting more and more parents in the community and getting us together.  Meeting other cool moms rocks!  It's so nice to have a sense of community, like-minded individuals.  It's so nice to have real life people that I can vent my frustrations too (she wanted to nurse every hour last night!  The show was to smokey for me to bring her to!) and know that they have been there too.  I'm so grateful for the place that I'm in.  It's nice for a change in my life to feel like things are working out.  I don't know how or why, but everything for the most part feels good, amidst the bad and ugly in the world right now.  Yeah.
i still am in love with david, and eva.  isn't that amazing?
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