"Save your Confederate money boys, The South Is gonna' rise again..."

What I am trying to accomplish from this page is bascally to show pride for my Southern heritage, to show reenactments thrughout the areas,  to inform non-Southerners of the truth, and to let other Southerners have their opinions of the Flag issue heard!  Please be patient with my page.  If you have any ideas, comments, or issues  you would want to be added to this page please email me and let me know!

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Civil War Page contains different reasons for the American Civil War (1861- 1865) as well as a little history.  Althought I would prefer to call this War."The War of Northern Aggression" or "The War For Southern Independace", out of Fairness to all sides, I am choosing to stick to the overall more commonly used name of Civil War.

Photographs Page is dedicated to Old Civil war pictures to show you what happened.

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Flags Page is to represent the different Flags of the Confederate States Of America!  Each Flag is represented with a picture and a brief history of that flag.

Reenactments is a page dedicated to the reenactments of the Civil War.  Mainly I will have photos from some of the displays here in Charleston and other places that I may attend.  Check out some of the schedules from here and other places that you too may be interested in attending.

Articles is  current articles that appear in the newspapers to show the current Debate over the Confederate flag flying  over the South Carolina State house and the efforts of certain people to ban it all accross the South.

Past Articles

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Press realeases relating to the subject at hand.  If you have one you want included email it to me.

This page is especially for the opinions that others may have concerning anything about the South, Flag Debate, or Civil War materials.  To submit ideas or articles that you would like to be displayed on this page, Please EMAIL ME!

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Each page here contains different links that you may want to visit and experience.  I have combinded them all in one full page that may make it easier  to view.

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