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Robert C. Morecook PhD


Dr. Morecook Welcome to my home page! I am a psychologist who teaches full time at the Southwest College of Houston Community College System. I am not doing any consulting at this time.

I get U.S. mail at P.O. Box 16661, Sugar Land TX 77496-6661.

My outside interests include computers, travel, biking, and camping.

Houston Community College
Houston Community College There's no better place to start your education.
Southwest College Honors Program Visit by Tamim Ansary and response by students.
HCCS Phi Theta Kappa Visit by Tamim Ansary and response by students.

Psychology Sites on the Web
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Professional Activities
Professional Vita ...of Dr. Morecook
Courses Taught...At a Variety of Universities
Forensic Activities ...in a Variety of Criminal Settings
Forensic Resources...on the Net, Organized for Your Ease of Use
Forensic Resources...Extended description of Forensic Psychology [Psychology and the Law]
Forensic Psychology???...How to Enter the Profession
Military Stuff
Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets! - One of my alma maters
American Military Colleges and Universities - Home Page for their Educational Association
What Did You Do in the [Vietnam] War, Daddy? - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Houston Medical Response Group - Texas Medical Rangers of the Texas State Guard
AFVN Veterans - American Forces Vietnam Network - Vietnam War Radio/TV Home Page
SGM Jack E. Theall Jr. ...an old friend, now departed
Military Ceremonies ...at Various World Locations
A Tribute to African American Soldiers
The Fictional Battle of Liendo Texas [Video]
Houston Brass Band - Plays Marches and Other Great Music
Presidio la Bahia Reenactment April 2003
Family things
Obituary of Thomas Jefferson Morecock ...Great-Grandfather and patriarch
Clements High School Freshmen-Sophomores Girls Soccer ...of Sugar Land TX
Mighty Ducks Girls Soccer Team ...of Sugar Land TX
Just for Fun
Norman Kennedy Sings ...World Famous Scottish Folk Singer

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