"Be sober, be vigilant: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,
walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." Peter 5:8

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Twistee Treat GoKart_Racing Du Page Theatre, Lombard, IL

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Pop Culture Consevatorium:
Me at the Elite Diner
Roadside Memorial R.I.P.
Signage sampler!!
Summer, 2002

Route 66 sampler
Route 66 thru Illinois
Route 66 thru Missouri
Route 66 thru Kansas
Route 66 thru Oklahoma
Route 66 thru Texas
Route 66 thru New Mexico
Route 66 thru Arizona


Classic theatres
Bowling signs
Wisconsin Dells
Las Vegas

Roadside Links:
American Picture Palaces
Drive-In Theatres
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Motel Americana
Roadside Art Online
Society for Commercial Archaeology

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It's sad that Americans in general demonstrate so little interest in preserving one of their most unique cultural legacies:
the vanishing American roadscape.

Old motels and motor courts, amusement parks, theatres, diners and eateries, bowling alleys, skating rinks, signage, etc. are being demolished faster that you can say 'conspicuous consumption' or 'rabid materialism.'

Of the hundreds of roadside curiosities I've photographed, an astonishing number of them have been demolished in the past few years. How sad! It always makes me wonder what I missed, or if there will be anything left in the future besides homogenized corporate mediocrity. We are no longer the individualists once admired by such keen observers as Alex de Tocqueville...

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