Geoff and Mitch's year off is it worth it!

The idea of "Road Trip" started back in the fall of 1999. School was going well for both of us but we figured "what better time to do this then now!". We bought a sweet 1980 camper-van (Duravan) and began the plans to take off at the end of the school year. The people we told of our plans just laughed, thinking we'd never do it...WELL IN YOUR FACES! Everything so far, starting with the purchase of the van, has gone off without a hitch!

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Updated June 14th 2001 4:00pst
Current location: Yosemite Ntnl. Park
Next stop: San Fransico

Check out the New Climbing Page, added on April 7th, from a computer lab in Price, Utah!

This is the latest addition to the webpage. This is the updates page. If you visit my site often, like you should be, then you don't have to sift through the stuff you've already read just skip right to this and you can find out what I've put up since you've last visited!! Am I a smart cookie or what?

I've also posted a new page called First Timer's that gives a list of things that I've done on this trip that I wouldn't have done if I was in school like I'm supposed to be!!

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Just by lookin' at her you can tell she's got a little what-have-you under the hood but check out all the details and prepare to be dazzled!
Leaving Home

Some people cried and others probably cheered!!
Cross Canada Trip

Now that's a long drive.
Spring 2000

Vancouver is cold and rainy this time of year.
Summer 2000 SUMMER 2000

What a great summer, I love this city!
Fall 2000
FALL 2000

Here comes the rain again, and it really sucks when you live in a van.
Winter 2000/01 WINTER 2000/01

Bring on the snowboarding...oh baby.
Summer 2001 CURRENT!


5 months of no worries...except staying alive!

Some of the stuff said on this trip should be published.
Conversations not to be missed!

I hope nobody was listening!
Close Calls

Does LUCK mean anything to you?
Thanks to alot of people

A big "THANKS" to a lot of people, even if you were a skeptic.

Sorry if some of this has been offensive!

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