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Class Information

Class description

Welcome to the Technology Department!!  This will probably be one of the most exciting and interesting classes you will take in High school.  This class is designed to allow you to study as many prevalent technologies as possible.

The 9-18 modules you will have a chance to study include computers, electronics, robotics and other high tech equipment.

After taking this class you will be better prepared to make a choice of courses you may want to take in high school.  You may also find out that you have a talent for a certain area and wish to pursue this as a career later on.

Required Reading

     Technology in Your World by Michael Hacker


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Favorite Links

      *   International Technology Educators Association
     *   International Society for Technology in Education
*   PITSCO Ideas and Solutions

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Contact Information

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Web address

*Mr. K's Site

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Semester Projects

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Additional Reading

      Living with Technology by Michael Hacker.

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Additional Information

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