Australian Sports Medal

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The Australian Sports Medal is a commemorative award in the Australian system of honors and awards. The Medal is awarded only during the year 2000.

The year 2000 was chosen because Sydney hosted the Olympics and Paralympic Games but the award of the Medal is not restricted to athletes and others connected with the Games. The Medal recognises a cross-section of those whose efforts have made Australia a nation of sporting excellence. These include current and former competitors and those who provide the support base of sport: coaches, sports scientists, office holders, facilities managers, those who maintain playing fields, provide transport and so on.

The Medal will be awarded throughout the length and breadth of Australia and to persons of all ages.

It is expected that a high proportion of Medals will be awarded to those whose efforts at the grass roots enabled Australia to become a great sporting nation.

certificate.jpg (15560 bytes)Nominations for the Australian Sports Medal are submitted through the Commonwealth government to the Governor-General. A certificate (known as a warrant) accompanies each Medal.

About one third of Medals are nominated by the Commonwealth, state and territory sports ministers and federal parliamentarians. The majority of Medals are awarded to persons nominated by peak sports bodies recognised or funded by the Australian Sports Commission. Ministers and parliamentarians are able to nominate persons from any sport, not just those sports which are recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.

The Medal design symbolises Australian sport with imagery of a partial view of the Australian Sports Stadium and a sky filled with the stars of the Southern Cross. The reverse repeats the stadium design and bears the words "To commemorate Australian sporting achievement" and is dated with the numeral "2000". The ribbon design repeats the stadium theme with colours of green and gold which are Australia's national colours and traditional sporting colours.