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Ontario Breed Specific Legislation.

Bill 132 has been passed in the Ontario legislature - despite overwhelming opposition
There will be a 60 day transition period that follows the August 29 2005 effective date.

Existing pit bulls will be spayed/neutered, leashed and muzzled when in public. Pit bulls owned in Ontario before the law becomes effective and pits born within 90 days of the effective date will be considered "grandfathered" or restricted pit bulls.

This is a slippery slope - Am Staffs, Pits and Staffordshire Bull Terriers today; who knows what tomorrow's hysteria will bring - maybe your breed is next!!!
For full details and new petition see DLCC site
Print the petition and get as many Ontario residents to sign it as you can!!
Act fast there may be no tomorrow
Bill 132 is not the way to go, Ontario!

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