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The Sovereign Rottweiler Club Constitution and By-Laws, Article 1, Section 2, paragraphs (a) and (b) states

The objective of the club shall be:

(a) to encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Rottweilers and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

(b) to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by maintaining high breeding standards and by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, field trials and obedience trials.



In Rottweiler breeding, the emphasis shall be placed upon working ability and other outstanding qualities of character of this breed, as well as appearance.  It is mandatory that a Code of Ethics be subscribed to by those who are concerned with the propagation of physically, mentally and temperamentally sound Rottweilers of proper breed type.  Measures should be taken to acquaint the public with the contents of the Code of Ethics so that they may not become innocent partners in improper breeding practices. Consistent with the above, I will agree to breed discriminatingly and only upon strong evidence of finding suitable homes for the resulting puppies.  I understand and agree that to breed unadvisedly may lead to overpopulation and contribute to the deterioration of the Rottweiler breed.


If I breed my bitch or use my stud dog in service, I agree to keep accurate records of stock, matings and pedigrees and to register my breeding stock with the Canadian Kennel Club or any other C.K.C. recognized registry.


a. I agree to use for breeding only those Rottweilers that are registered with the C.K.C. or any other C.K.C. recognized registry.  That they have OVC\OFA or their foreign counter parts normal hip x-rays, with certification number.
b. Only those Rottweilers will be used for breeding that comply with the Canadian Kennel Club Rottweiler Standard.

c. If breeding to Rottweilers owned outside of the country, I agree to use only those Rottweilers which are certified through their country of origin free of hip dysplasia.

d. Applicable to all dogs being x-rayed after January 1, 1998, elbows be x-rayed and the status be disclosed to breeders and purchasers of puppies. It is recommended to use for breeding only those Rottweilers certified free of elbow dysplasia.

e. As the owner of a bitch, I will breed only normal, healthy, mature bitches that have reached two years of age and have normal hip x-rays (see 111 a) with certification number.  I will not permit my bitch to produce litters in three consecutive seasons.  I will cull deformed puppies and supply facilities, time and resources to care for a litter adequately.  The stud mating with my bitch must have normal hip x-rays (see 111 a) with certification number.

f. As owner of a stud dog, I will only breed healthy, mature dogs that have reached two years of age and have normal hip x-rays (see 111 a) with certification number.  I will refuse stud service to any bitch under two years of age, or which I consider in poor health or which has serious faults, or a bitch that does not have normal hip x-rays (see 111 a) with certification number.  When a bitch has failed to conceive after being bred by one of my stud dogs, I will allow one repeat service, at such time and place as are mutually agreed to by the owner of the bitch and myself, provided that the stud dog is still in good health and available.

g. I understand that regardless of the very specific x-ray requirements of this Code, the acquiring of a clear x-ray certification in and of itself does not constitute a green light to go ahead with breeding. Normal hips are only one of the many considerations for the ethical breeder. Use of inferior stock whose only prerequisite is clear hips is equally as much a violation of this Code of Ethics as is breeding of stock without proper hip x-ray status.

h. That the Sovereign Rottweiler Club suggests that all testing that could lead to the removal of all genetic problems in the breed be encouraged. These to include testing for VwD., CERF. certification, and any other tests to improve the quality of the breed. These tests would only be as guidelines and not necessities. We also recommend for Brucellosis before any breeding takes place.
i. That all members are encouraged to buy from breeders who subscribe to these Code of Ethics.


I agree to maintain good standards of health and care for my dogs, including proper veterinary care. I further agree that proper health includes regular contact with people and exposure to the outside world.


I will refuse to recommend or sell to breeders who do not conform to this Code, to dog wholesalers or retailers. I will not donate a Rottweiler for raffle purposes or sell to any home if I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for. To the best of my ability I will state clearly to a buyer whether the puppy or dog being sold is potentially a show or pet type. I will not release puppies before they are seven weeks of age, and only with full knowledge that they are healthy and have had the required medical inoculations and care. I will give buyers of puppies or adult dogs accurate health, breeding and registration records and at least a three generation pedigree. I will urge my puppy purchasers to provide obedience training at the proper age. I will recommend to my puppy purchasers that they render incapable of reproduction any dog which has developed disqualifying or serious faults. All puppies bred by me and born in Canada shall be micro chipped/tattooed at approximately six weeks of age with letters allotted to me by the Canadian Kennel Club.


I agree that my advertising, oral and written, shall be factual and not worded so as to attract undesirable buyers, or to encourage the raising of purebred Rottweilers as an easy money scheme.


I shall conduct myself at all times in a manner which will reflect credit upon myself and the breed, regardless of the location and the circumstances, but especially when attending dog shows or trials, whether as an exhibitor or spectator.  I agree that I will not co-own a dog and participate in the breeding of said dog with a person who does not support this Code.  I agree that I will not have members of my household or immediate family participate in activities that are contradictory to the principles set forth in this Code. If I should become aware of the maltreatment, misuse or need for relocation of any Rottweiler, I will notify any or all of the following for resolution of the problem; a member of the Board of Directors, the breeder or the correct authorities in my area.


The incoming Board of Directors shall appoint at its first board meeting a three member Violations and Recourse Committee and one alternate member for a two year term. Written charges of violations of this Code by a member may be sent to any member of the Board of Directors. The Board member will send the allegations to the Committee within two weeks of receipt. The Committee will investigate and report its findings to the Board of Directors within two months of receipt of the charges and may recommend any or all of the following levels of discipline;

1.  Warning ( a member may not receive more than one warning in a one year period without incurring further disciplinary action).
2.  Action as described in the SRC By-Laws, Article VII.  Following receipt of the committee's report and recommendation, the Board of Directors will proceed as described in the SRC By-laws.

A fifty dollar fee will be required from any person bringing charges.  If the charges are upheld, the fee will be refunded, if the charges are dismissed, the money will be retained by the SRC.  If a member has special problems or circumstances, or if through no fault of his own, is in violation of any of the provisions of this Code, he may have the Committee review the matter and make recommendations.

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