Kit Name: Captain James T. Kirk

Manufacturer: Ertl

Material: Vinyl

Scale:  1/6

Notes:  A character who probably needs no introduction. James Tiberus Kirk. In September of 1966 a TV show came on called Star Trek. It featured the crew of a the starship Enterprise boldly going where no man had gone before. It's captain described as a modern say Horatio Hornblower, who could wrestle the reptilian Gorn or out wit a god minded computer. Shown here with phaser in hand as he appeared in his first five year mission with the Enterprise (the TV show). After ratings failure the show was canceled only three years after it began, However, Star Trek was revived and Captain Kirk would appear in seven motion pictures.
    This was my first figure kit. I wanted to try a cheaper kit before working on the kit i really wanted to do (Yoda). Not a horrible kit, but it certainly has it's problems. The likeness in the face has never struck me as looking much like William Shatner from that time. Also, the area where the arms meet the torso required a good deal of putty and sanding, since the seams of the parts there don't match the seams in the uniforms of the costume. The kit does come with a base that resembled a transporter pad. However, since the feet of the model come nowhere near making the figure able to stand flat, I decided to make a base with a rock the one foot would set on so the figure would stand straight.

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