Eternal Present
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Some say that super powered beings have walked among humanity since the dawn of time. These were the beings of legend and more recently urban myth. The Greek legend of Hercules and the more recent urban myth of "The Shadow" may have actually existed, a point that is often debated among academic circles. However, the existence of supers cannot be doubted. Every day television shows us images of superheroes fighting supervillans and most large cities have at least one superhero protector. Almost everyone in the United States remembers where they were when Silverangel died protecting Washington DC from Hellfire's attack.

Since the Night of Blood, the world has changed; mythic creatures roam the land, superheroes fight supervillians in the street, new yet ancient civilizations have been found, aliens have visited the earth, old and new religions are far more popular than they were before, and gateways to other worlds have opened up. Some suspect that technology has advanced much faster in some areas than it would have, but who can really say. The Age of Supers is unlike anything in recorded history and no one can say what may happen.

Dawn of a new age of superhero activity that began with the night of blood.  Time of the Gamma Force and Team Tomorrow series.

Time Before Now



Just Yesterday


During an eclipse most of the power on the western cost of the US is lost. During the long dark night many bizarre and grizzly crimes are committed in Los Angeles. The night is dubbed the "Night of Blood".


Disappearances and other bizarre occurrences continue to happen in LA while cults flock to the city. The National Inquirer spins off a branch magazine called LA Nightmares to cover the events.


Unusual occurrences begin happening more and more regularly across the world, centered on LA. Vigilante myths increase and change. The new vigilante can often bounce bullets, according to the myth.


Pictures and bad home movies of supernatural creatures and vigilante's doing impossible things surface. They are thought to be hoaxes.


The world witnesses the first super battle caught by the major news networks when a hero later known as Nimbus fights a being made of fire over LA.


A UFO crashes in china killing millions. News leaked out of the country since that time indicate that items recovered from the crash have been the source of china's rapid technological growth.


Superheroes and villains begin popping up around the US. Their fights always get front page and are televised constantly.


A few people begin trying to sue the few heroes that are known publicly.


Massive amounts of property damage and the loss of a few lives occurs when a group of superheroes and villains fight in New York. Public opinion swings against the superheroes and a wave of litigation pass over the land.


New York passes its anti-supers law making it illegal for supers to fight. The cops begin busting down on superheroes and villains alike. Other cities across America pass similar laws.


A super known as Lion is imprisoned in New York on manslaughter charges. In disgust, most of the superheroes in New York leave.


Maelstrom begins taking over all criminal activities in New York.


An alien craft appears over the UN building. After a private meeting with the assembled ambassadors, the ambassadors tell the world that the world has signed a treaty with an alien government known as the Shavani Legion.


A gate to hell opens up in LA. LA is conquered by demons and becomes the "City of Demons". Almost all of the human residents are killed and the military quarantines the city.


Supervillain activity is on the rise in cities that have passed anti-super laws. Some people in the country begin to realize that we need supers to protect the norms.


Maelstrom creates a hurricane around Manhattan island and declares his reign. Numerous super supervillain flock to the charismatic and powerful Maelstrom who forms a new organization called the "Storm Lords". A minor war breaks out between the US and the new criminal country founded by Maelstrom. Maelstrom and his army defeat the US military. Rather than resort to using nuclear weapons the president signs a treaty with Maelstrom.


Silverangel dies defending Washington DC from an attack by a villain known as Hellfire. Debate begins in Washington and around the US about the legality and necessity of superheroes.


The "Hero Amendment" is added to the constitution giving all people the right to use whatever abilities they posses to protect the health and rights of themselves and others provided that they don't unduly threaten that of others. The amendment also gives the US the right to commission "special private agents" as something like a US Marshall. All registered heroes are now exempt from litigation for "reasonable" activities.


Numerous superheroes register with the US government. The US begins commissioning groups of heroes to protect the American people.
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