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Hi everybody! I hope you all like the new layout! I made it in Photoshop!

This is my button. You can link me if you want, but affilites would be better and I would have a link to your site. *hint hint* Just go to the contact page...

Or you can go with this really nice button made by KChan for me. Thank you KChan!


9.23.06 Hey. I'm sorry to say that I am not as interested in Inuyasha as I was. However, I will update this site from time to time. Check out the spoilers page if you want to catch a glimpse of a new and very important character!

2.28.06 Heh heh. Happy extremly late New Years. Anyways, still dont have internet so bare with me. My roof just fell in :(.... hope you guys are still enjoying this site and I hope I get some new stuff soon. Just e-mail me! (rynnie_caa@yahoo.com) Make sure that in the subject box ou have Sesshoumaru Shrine so I don't delete it.

11.28.05 Sorry for such the long wait. I am still moving into my new house - so I still dont have internet. (I'm at school). Well, it was CAA's 2nd birthday on the 16th of this month! Thanks for making this site possible!

9.2.05 I am moving to Hawaii Kai (from Kahala). My e-mail account, internet, and cable tv will be cancled until my parents can see if they can afford the bill since moving is so expensive.

I won't be able to reply to any e-mails sent to me at all, unless you e-mail me at rynnie_caa@yahoo.com and I am somehow able to access the internet once in a while.

I will also not be able to update, even though I havn't really in a while. I will update Sesshoumaru's attacks, as they have changed.

Sorry for any inconvinience.


6.1.05 OMG. SO CUTE =

5.10.05 Chapter Two of Chi's story is up!

5.7.05 OMG. I have not updated in sooo long. But w/e. Anyways, new fanfiction started! Check it out.

3.25.05 New layout cause I am on SPRING BREAK! Woot!

3.1.05 Today's my birthday! Yay I'm 15! Ok, anyways, thanks Hemmy! Here's the gifts I recieved:

1.17.05 Happy BELATED New Years... alright, somebody sent me something *tears of happiness* thanks Tiffany - her new art of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha is up in the fan art section. See I'm not dead everyone - nobody sends me anything to update anymore! Please go to the affiliates page and talk on the tag board - otherwise I may just delete it because no one uses it anymore...

12.23.04 Ok ok! Here's the link for the picture because it is too big to post in this div style box (this layout). Rin and Jaken Happy Holidays Picture. Hope you like it. ... it took almost 5 hours so ... yeah! Please say something to me on my tag board on the affiliates page! Nobody does anymore...*cries*

12.22.04 Merry X Mas everyone! Have a Happy New Year too! I'll try to draw something for the season but ... meh... if I do I may just post it on fanart.theotaku.com under my username aikyo19 like I have been doing for the past months...

11.25.04 Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a pic for the season :

11.16.04 *sings alone* Happy Birthday to CAA, Happy Birthday to CAA, Happy Birthday to CAA, Happy Birthday to CAA. Wow its been a long year since this site has started. I hope for many more.

11.12.04 Wow... long time no update... school work is still heavy. I havn't had anything to update anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. I got one new affy... one small update in two months. I don't even know if I should continue this site... how many people like this place? Can you peeps leave me some stuff on my tag board? It's on my affiliates page, below all the affiliates and banners and stuff. I'd enjoy your input.
9.26.04 Sorry I havn't been able to update in a long time. I didn't realize how hard high school was going to be. I'm in all the honors classes too. Give me maybe another month to adjust and I should be updating regularly again. I will add another spoiler about Kikyo. I am also changing the font smaller so it isn't coming out of the boxes... it looks bad.
8.28.04 New affie. Guess what? go to the spoiles page. Really. GO NOW.
8.23.04 Isn't Kagura pretty with her hair down? I got this picture off of Feather on a Moon's manga scans - I cropped it and made it bigger... sorry, I couldn't help myself!

8.22.04 I am making the font bigger; since seeing it from aol perspective is impossible.
8.21.04 Another affie. I must call to your attention that my school begins on the 24th of August - I will henceforth hardly be able to update this page, as that I am taking three honors classes and have kayaking from 4:30 to about 6:30 in the afternoon. So please don't be expecting a lot of me at least for the beginning of my school year - I need to get used to it.
8.15.04 Another affie. Yay.
8.9.04 One new affiliate, one fan art, and one more spoof added.
8.8.04 Yay. New layout done - two new affiliates and one brand new award.

7.22.04 I am adding downloadable otions to my music page. If they are not up now, check back soon. I am adding them right after this message... ;)

7.10.04 Updated all my ... 4 new affiliates! All writers called to check out Cellophone Bunny's site. An unofficial fan fic and coming soon art website dedicated to all the shows aired by http://www.adultswim.com/.

6.29.04 New affiliate and wish_granter's story on the fan fiction page is now completed.

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