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Welcome to the new home of Ryslen!

Updates: Alanysath has flown - read about it here!
New novos; new bonders for the Lian Minis... Maybe we'll have a hatching soon.

* Personas of note at Ryslen *
Wondering about this "Nidus" and "Prima Jeyann" Stuff?

Yes, we have eggs! LOTS of eggs! C'mon in!

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Ryslen is housed in a crater-turned-castle in the western-central area of East Rock Territory, in the Crimson Mountain Range.

Home to over a hundred dragons, their bonds, and myriad others - including but not limited to the families of riders, support staff, and crafters of all sorts from various worlds - Ryslen is a thriving, healthy community. Complete with wise elders and cranky xenophobes (Namely, J'lenn!).

Watchdragon Xhimboth

The Watchdragon, Xhimboth, ridden by Ke'li, greets everyone, man and dragon alike, as they arrive at Ryslen.
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