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This Site devoted to «The Book of Voproshaiushchego»

- the author is Ryu Sumin from Moscow, Russia

Time will pass and numerology, as the serious science, will become an important part and a component of information technologies, for which main is a skill to create to extract and to process the information.

Modern Western world, in opinion of many analysts, is estimated as the society, advanced a post-capitalist, in which the information is appreciated above, than capital or political authority.


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        Urbanized world of the large megapolicies, world of large speeds and high competition between the people, where the account goes on shares of the factors - here where the numbers realize themselves «on the whole scale», when the telephone number on your working table can strengthen or to weaken your positions before the colleague behind the next table. In a counterbalance to this in village boring place, where not in everyone village the telephones of number are established concede «imperious powers» to other factors, for example, local toponims - name of a settlement, village, street, on which you live also neighboring rivers. Just they largely will determine the fate of district and local inhabitants.

«The Book of Voproshaiushchego» was conceived on July 19, 1995 and after a spelling of the first chapters the author has postponed it even for three years. There were large doubts: whether it is necessary to give it light. I remember then by the constraining factor, in particular, the words from transfer on the Russian TV channel «Culture» devoted to Ancient Egypt have served. «Papyrus of times of disorders» on a boundary of an Average and New Empire, when the central authority in the country is sharply weakened, with a pain in heart ascertained: «The Magic formulas are announced, but they do not work, as now about them knows each». Nevertheless in 1998 idea to finish this book has got any independent force. Much to this time was reconsidered and is advanced, and main, repeatedly tested and is checked up. The effectiveness of the system is checked up.

In the given book I have tried to leave from long theoretical discussion, which as - some should answer a disarming question: «And unless the numbers something mean in our life? They are given casually!...» Instead of it I have tried on particular examples to show a high degree of not simple concurrence, and direct interdependence between number and act, between number and event in life of the person or even communities. To show latent numerology «springs» occurring - has become one of main my tasks with work above «The Book of Voproshaiushchego».

Well and if all to transfer to language izotheric and, taking into account that fact, that the numbers have come in our modern life, it is possible to tell, is total, here already begin to work the general laws of magic. First of which says: « Similar makes similar. According to the second law, the things, which time came in contact with each other, continue to work on distance after the termination of direct contact ». (page 24 «an explanatory Dictionary on parapsychology» V.G.Dozhdikov, .G.Lee, Fund of Parapsyhology by L.L.Vasiljev, Moscow, 1992)

It is necessary to note, that on a course of the text of the formulation «sabian symbols» frequently are resulted by the author not completely, and only by fragments in a measure of necessity. Interpretation by the author of this book of «sabian symbols» with the author's comments the reader can find in the separate chapter of «The Books of Voproshaiushchego». It is necessary to tell, that they have not necessary completeness and depth and only designate processes. Yes to not break the another's copyrights I has not become to result «sabian symbols» in their classical kind.

«Sabian symbols» in the complete form the readers can find in the book « an Astrology of the person» of Dane Rudhyar issued in Moscow in 1991 by publishing house «Antares» (translation from English language of a Michail Papusha, under edition of a Andrei Degtjarev).

The author expresses deep respect and gratitude to the deceased to Dane Rudhyar - author of the book «The Astrology of Personality», without a meeting which with given the book never was not issued, and also everyone, who has helped in testing and edition of this book.

«The Book of Voproshaiushchego» had 6 editions in Russia

1 edition - 1999 year

2 edition - 2000 year

3 edition - 2000 (december)

4 edition - 2001 year

5 edition - 2002 (in two parts)

6 edition - 2003 (in two parts)

You can see the second (yellow) and the third (pink) editions of «The Books of Voproshaiushchego».

You can find «The Books of Voproshaiushchego» in the following biggest libraries of the world:

in USA

  1. Library of Congress, Washington, DC. - 2 edition
  2. New York State Library, Albany, NY. - 2 edition
  3. California State Library, Sacramento, CA. - 2 edition
  4. University of California General Library, Berkley, CA. - 2 edition
  5. University of Michigan Asia Library, Ann Arbor, MI.- 2 edition
  6. Museum of Russian Culture Inc. library, San Francisco, CA. - 1 edition

in Europe

  1. Oxford Bodleian Library, UK. - 3 edition
  2. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France - 2 edition
  3. Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien, Austria - 2 edition
  4. Narodna Knihovna v Praze, Praha, Czech Republic - 2 edition
  5. Narodna biblioteka, Sofija, Bulgaria - 2 edition
  6. Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa, Poland - 2 edition
  7. Estonia State Public Library, Tallinn, Estonia - 2 edition
  8. Latvijas Nacionala biblioteka, Latvia - 2 and 3 editions

in Israel

  1. Jewish National Library, Jerusalem, Israel - 3 edition

in Russia

  1. Russian State library, Moscow, Russia - 1,2,3,4,5,6 edtitions
  2. Russian National Library, S-Peterburg, Russia - 1,2,3,4,5,6 editions


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