The Superman IV Soundtrack Campaign
Our Aim
To get Alexander Courage's unreleased Superman IV score released onto CD
In 1987 Alexander Courage (with a little help from John Williams who composed 2 new themes) composed the score to Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, at the time, he felt a score release un nessesary as some principal themes were already released on the soundtreack to Superman: The Movie.

However, 13 years on this magnificent and sadly forgotten score has still not recieved a release in any form.

We, the fans, feel that the time has come to do this great score justice.
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Current Status
Recently we have seen Rhino Records take an interest in Warners back catalogue (since they are owned by Time Warner, licensing would not be an issue), releasing, among others, an expanded soundtrack to Superman: The Movie. It is therefore Rhino who we will be mainly aiming the campaign at.

However, if it turns out that Rhino Records aren't interested, then perhaps someone else will be.....
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What YOU can do
Please take the time to sign the petition, you may also want to contact Rhino records directly.
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