Contains Cherryish Things
Galactic Civilizations II:
Combat Simulator v2 for Java 1.5.0+
Runs in Java.  Now it has a readme!  Version 2 fixes a bug - the last 2 values entered were not being parsed ^^;
Currently runs from command line only, and models single ship-on-ship combat (no fleets).
To simulate combat between Ship A (12 HP, Attack (5, 1, 2), Defense (0, 0, 3))
and Ship B (17 HP, Attack (3, 9, 9), Defense (2, 2, 2)), you would type:
java Sim   12   5 1 2   0 0 3       17    3 9 9    2 2 2
The spacing is just for clarity; it really doesn't have to be specific.
And if you like Gal Civ II, check out Dominions II!
Star Control 2 Star Names for Gal Civ 2
This text file, created by Pnakotus, replaces the original GalCiv2 star names with those from one of the best games ever, Star Control 2.  It comes with the original data file, so you won't lose anything.
StarCon2 has been rereleased as enhanced WinXP-compatible freeware, so if you've never played it, try it out!  The remake's title is "The Urquan Masters".
Unofficial Patch-Mod 3
UPDATE: Version 3 removes changes to ship sensor range (which were not bugs, just personal annoyances) and fixes the Banking Center and Stock Market (before, the Stock Market was worse, even though it was an upgrade).
This fixes many spelling and grammar errors, and a few data bugs.  Read the readme or see the forum thread for details.  It comes with an uninstaller, does not affect Metaverse games, and only changes XML data files, so it is perfectly safe - contains no executable code.  Uninstall before applying the next patch (the one after 1.0X).
Dominions Files:
Dominions II is an awesome game by Illwinter, published by Shrapnel.  You should try the excellent and meaty demo! Shrapnel also publishes other strategy games.
Combat Simulator v42 for Java 1.5.0+
Runs in Java. See readme for instructions and lastest changes.  Based (mostly) on Dominions II v2.16.  Note!  Fixes an important attack roll bug present since v40.
Combat Simulator v42 for Java 1.4.2
If you have a Macintosh or are unsure what version of Java you are using, download this version.
Recruitable Unit Rebalance Mod v7.31 for Doms 2.16
Adjusts the cost, stats, and equipment of virtually every recruitable unit to greatly improve balance, realism, fun, and minimize the number of useless units.  Adds many new armors and weapons and changes some unit descriptions to make the game more interesting, and make the units and their descriptions more accurately reflect each other. Also fixes some minor data bugs within Dominions II.
Black UnitView Map for 2.16
Extract to the /maps folder. Shows all 1099 units in the game on a black background.  Set GUI opacity to zero and press alt+printscreen to capture these units for modding.
Monster Land Test Mod
A test mod, for seeing new monster sprites in the game.
Download it to see my cute new animals...
CherryMod Scale Adjustment
Slightly alters the dominion scales:
Fewer major events, higher growth rates, and smaller impact of Order scale on luck.
Blood Slave Gathering Data
Results from testing slaving efficiency using scouts and Blood mages.  Based on v2.08.  Note that non-blood commanders have since been made less efficient.
A Game Screenshot, not from Dominions.
This is a screenshot from a game I'm working on.  The main character (in brackets) is firing a riot shotgun, on desert terrain.  I think it still needs a lot of work... but so far, it's pretty cute=)