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i_heart_ryan the first ryan turner fan site!

hi! i won an award from the thats fly page! btw way go check out that site cause its awesome!!!.

if you would like to add me to your links or wants me to add you to mine you can Email Me Here or if you have ne other questions or ne cool ideas for my site.

no one really signs my guestbook is that because no one likes my site? am i doing that awful of a job?

i just found this pic!!! dont they look sexy!!! hehehe

i encourage everyone to go see the brendan leonard show site there is two new video clips and one is mostly of ryan! hehehe its really funny!

also join the Delicious Delights! cause ryan is great and i did!


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all eyes on me

what bls song did you like the best?
the theme song
supa dupa size your love (bling bling)-boyling point
miss'in you-boyling point
things i took for granted
pats rap (into the heart land episode)
team fresh theme song
kevin's song for ryan
Free polls from
the last poll: which episode do you like the best the winner was all of them with the camp jinx one trailing right behind. thanks for voting!!!