Welcome to My Archives

This is mostly, I am warning you, a page made for my own purposes,
so that I may have any of my writing wherever I am. Thus, it will
be made simply and rather skeletally. However, I will endeavour to
make it viewer friendly in that simple sort of way that only Notepad
can accomplish. In short: If you are looking for the Collected Writings
of Luke Hansen, you have found them. If not: I apologize. Keep looking.

Now. As to the organization. I have primarily divided the works into four
sections: Poetry, Play Scripts, Lyrics and Short Stories (No, I am /not/ "working on
my novel"). Inside each you will find them organized even further. But it's a beginning.

My Poetry
(Sometimes we are emo;Sometimes we are metal)

My Play Scripts
(I actually don't read many plays...)

My Lyrics
(I wrote these for a band I was in in late highschool)

My Short Stories
(Sometimes we are Asmiov;Sometimes we are Jaques)

7/03/06-This update includes one poem, found in the Life section.

6/14/06-This update includes three songs that I've found since the last update, and two poems: one in the God section and one in the Life section.

6/12/06-A largish update. I put in two entirely new sections to the site: my script section, including the four scripts that I wrote for my Playwriting class and my lyric section, containing the lyrics that I wrote for "The Berlin Trio", which was Steve Metz and I for Junior and Senior year of highschool. It includes six songs.

6/03/06-A largish update. Steubenville's Internet blocks Geocities, so this is every poem that I wrote Sophomore year. It includes one poem in the Life section, six new poems in the Girl Three section (some written a while ago but never posted before, so they appear chronologically), and one new poem in the Potentiality section.

7/20/05-Another small two-poem update. I was sitting on
these for a while before I got around to uploading them too...
Two new for the Girl Three section.

6/28/05-A small update... that may start becoming typical.
Just one poem, put in the Girl Three section.

6/24/05-Now, almost a month later, there are only two new
poems, only one of which I like. Both in the God section.

5/30/05-There are two new poems, one in the Girl Three
section, the other in the God section. Good update!

5/20/05-It's been longer than I would've liked. I have
added only two new poems: one to Girl Three, and one to Life.

5/11/05-It's been a while. Added six new poems to the
Girl Three section, and one each to the Girl One, God and Life sections.

3/26/05-Added one new poem to the Girl One section.

4/01/05-Added one new poem to the Life section.

All Work Copyright 2005 by Luke Hansen