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 Sanctus Herbal Oil Hand Massage Programme (TM)


      A Professional Course... For A New Profession

* A complete, three hour professional instruction course on audio
cassette tapes

* An opportunity for men and women of any age to learn a new skill
in health and beauty care.

* An ideal means of independent, enjoyable and fulfilling

* Especially suited to the caring professions -- holistic health
care, nursing, massage, aromatherapy, home care, nursing home care,
disability care, and more.

* Many opportunities to practice -- as a mobile service, from one's
own home, in health clinics, beauty salons, retirement or nursing
homes, hospices, on site in business to reduce stress, etc.

* A rewarding, dignified occupation for carers, for the
semi-retired, the disabled or homebound, and also the visually
handicapped for whom the audio format is ideally suited.

* Attracting clients is easy as everyone is used to having their
hands touched, they are easily reached and the massage is so
enjoyable, energy-giving and relaxing.

* No extra facilities needed. Set your own level of activity and
appointments, hours of work and consultation fees according to your
circumstances and commitments.

* The initial costs of the inexpensive course and audio cassette
tapes can be recuperated in a few hours.

* Natural support products for internal and external use are

        You Will Learn About...

* The many mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the hand
massage programme.

* The skills to create a caring client and practitioner

* Nutritional and lifestyle information for a more natural, balanced
approach to life.

* The causes of premature ageing and how nature's doctors can help
to prevent them.

* Herbs, oils and nutritional factors for care of the skin and body.

* How, when, where and what to eat to aid digestion, the basis of
good health.

* Sanctus Herbal Oil -- a high quality blend of pure, natural oils
prepared in delicate stages, over several weeks, with some thirty
herbs and fruits, essential oils and flower absolutes, and applied
to purify and nourish the hands, body, mind and feelings.

* Herbal Nutrition -- containing over fifty herbs beneficial to the
mind and body, especially the skin, nails, hair and eyes, ensuring
optimum nutrition for health and vitality.

* Mind-body techniques for both practitioner and client to enhance
the benefits.

* Simple, traditional methods to improve posture, relaxation and

* The silk thread technique to aid relaxation, preventing tension
and fatigue.

* An easy technique on morning rising to prevent back problems and

* The nourishing value of awareness, attention and a quiet mind.

* The hand change technique to improve brain co-ordination.

* How to tap into the subtle life and natural healing virtues of
plants and trees.

* Two very important principles to maintain good health and

* Complete instructions in technique and procedure for a thirty
minute hand massage.

* Basic massage movements for both left and right hands explained
step by step.

          Benefits Of The Programme...

Who Can Benefit?

Almost everyone, whether giving or receiving the massage to the
hands. Family, relatives, friends, businessmen, workers, the
unemployed, the retired or semi-retired, the elderly and the young,
beauticians, nurses, carers, patients and convalescents, the
disabled and the visually handicapped. It can be particularly
useful, especially on site, in business to ease executive and work
force stress and fatigue. Reduction of stress levels may help reduce
absenteeism according to a recent CBI survey.

How Are The Benefits Achieved?

The following benefits result from regular application of the whole
programme including the herbal oil hand massage once or twice daily
or one to three times a week, the mind-body techniques, Herbal
Nutrition, and the nutritional and lifestyle advice.

What Are The Benefits?

* Relaxation, release of tension and calming of emotions.

* Increased alertness, clarity of mind, more energy and vitality.

* Improved mind-body coordination and general health.

* A more natural, appreciative and joyful outlook to life.

* More harmonious relationships with family, friends, and work

* Excellent given to the elderly, or those convalescing, as passive

* Greater enlivenment of the mind-body intelligence.

* More resistance to and greater ability to cope with stress and

* Calming and soothing to the nervous system.

* Better sleep and a more refreshed waking.

* Increased vitality of body organs, systems and senses.

* Blood, lymphatic and energy circulation is generally improved.

* Elimination and detoxifying organs and processes work more

* More balanced, deeper and effortless breathing with better oxygen

* Massage dilates blood vessels to improve circulation to the

* Helps to prevent chilblains and spasms of blood vessels due to

* Circulation of blood to nails, skin and connective tissue is

* Helps to ward off effects of ageing: wrinkles, ugly pigmentations.

* Scars and unsightly marks, including age spots, prevented or

* Gain softer, smoother, moister skin with better tone.

* Adhesions can be prevented or broken down to effect to aid

* Relief to stiffness and pain in joints through improved

* Greater efficiency and balance in endocrine gland function.

-------------------------------EMAIL ORDER FORM --------------------------------

Mail Order Form for...
     Health In Your Hands Hand Massage Audio Cassette Course.

*Special Offer*: Order now the Sanctus Herbal Oil Hand Massage audio
cassette course and you will receive FREE 50ml of Sanctus Herbal Oil
(approximately 2ml per client) worth £17 UK pounds/$27 US dollars.

Please send the Sanctus Herbal Oil Hand Massage audio cassette
course at: £29.95 GBP or $49.95 USD including delivery.
(This price includes FREE 50ml Sanctus Herbal Oil).

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