The Sand Eaters is little more than a scheduling organization. It's sole purpose is to schedule a Sunday morning beach dive and notify those who have requested to be on the list. The Sand Eaters and it's members are not responsible for you, your equipment, your being teamed up with another diver, or your safety. You and you alone are solely responsible for your diving activities!

 The Sand Eaters
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Southern California Beach Diving

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What is Sandeaters and How to Join CDIP Surf Model- Where's the surf?
SM Bay Wave Height Measurements DETAILED Surf Forecast
 OC Register Diving Weather Forecast LA Public Health Beach Advisories & Closures
Graphical Weather w/Waive Height LA County Dept. of Beaches & Harbors
Heal The Bay Beach Report Card LA Tide Charts from NOAA
Greater Los Angeles Council of Divers
California Scuba Diving BBS Sandeater Fish Counts
California Diving News article on us! Web Cam's at the Beach
Los Angeles County Diving Resources California Diving News
FREE BEACH Diving Class Laguna Sea Sports
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