Sandy's Columbus, Ohio

Sandy's Columbus, Ohio Locations

JUST ARRIVED 10/19/04!!!! INFORMATION LEADING TO ANOTHER POSSIBLE SANDY'S LOCATION FROM LONG TIME SANDY'S FAN LEE ROTH! If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Columbus, Ohio or elsewhere, please email me!

Okay, I've read with interest the Columbus Sandy's site info as well as the info on the ColumbusTour page, but I have to let you know there was an additional Columbus location that you have not listed - it may well have been the 1st or 2nd Columbus location and (probably) ceased operation before the 1968 listings in the phone book.

I was born in 1955 and lived in the north end of Columbus, OH and I recall my mom taking me to Sandy's in her brand-new 1963 Plymouth Valliant - she made me eat my plaid-and-white wrapped burger outside so as not to soil the new car!

The building is long gone, but it was on the north edge of the Northern Lights shopping center, which would give it a Cleveland Ave. address. I will endeavor to figure out an address that it would have had.

A co-worker has confirmed my memories as he remembers munching on a burger and fries while hearing the results of the Nov. 1964 presidential election on the radio. He also states that there was some difficulty in accessing the restaurant easily due to the adjacent shopping center not permitting some kind of access, so that could be a reason for its short life - it never was there long enough to become a Hardees.

Both of us work here in downtown Columbus.

I will report back to you with the results of my detective work.

-- Lee Roth

Special thanks to for the pictures of the Columbus locations as they are today as well as the addresses. The addresses below are taken from the Columbus phone directory. The addresses on this site under the locations page are taken from current locations in 1968 and are as follows: North High, Sullivant, Mt. Vernon, E. Main and finally Parsons.

1276 W 5th Ave (W of NorthWest) Sandy's is now a modern shopping center built on the site in 1989.

Sandy's 1516 E Main St (W of Kelton) ...the building Churchs Chicken is in was built in 1975

1578 Parsons Sandy's is now Lois Mann's Family Restaurant (city directory states that the building was built in 1965)

3414 Sullivant Ave Sandy's is now a KFC (new in the 90's)

850 Mt Vernon Ave Sandy's is now an empty parking lot for the King Arts Complex

4299 N. High Street Sandy's is now El Burrito

The following is from Sandy's Super-fan Chris Bryant Gerdes. It is a Sandy's menu from Columbus Ohio and appears to have a sports statistics tie in on the right hand side of the page. Most likely it is a page one would keep for information of a local team and would also conveniently have the Sandy's menu on the same page. This way you are reminded to stop by Sandy's on the way to the game or any other time as well!