This is the list of known Sandy's drive-in locations. Some locations may have been in existence for a short period of time and perhaps are missing from the list. The majority were taken off the corporate list from 1968 and the 1973 merger with Hardees list provided by Lee Staak, owner of Iowa City Sandy's. Click on each state for names and addresses. Special thanks to Robby Delius who provided ten of the specific addresses as well as three of the missing Sandy's locations - Smyrna, Pensacola #2 and Louisville #2! Click on a state to find the Sandy's nearest to you!

Click here to see the 1968 list which appears to be in order of opening. Click here to see the alphabetized by state list from 1973!

If you have memories, pictures to share of Sandy's or possible missing locations, please email me!
Sandy's cities with active links! Click on a picture to go to your favorite Sandy's!
iowa city, iowa

opened July 15th, 1969 special thanks to Lee Staak, franchisee owner of iowa city Sandy's!

marion, iowa

special thanks to Ron Burris, Sandy's Supervisor

st. cloud,


special thanks to Gary Olson,

Sandy's Minneapolis

425 - 55th street, moline, illinois opened july 2nd, 1959

special thanks to Ted Vlahos, the first Sandy's franchisee

fort dodge, iowa

special thanks to Sandy's super-fan Chris Bryant Gerdes

3414 sullivant ave, columbus, ohio

special thanks to

columbia, missouri

special thanks to Sandy's Supervisor

Roger Fries



special thanks to Dick Owens, Terry (Owens) Vogt and Carol (Owens) Speer, Sandy's crew along with their father, Lloyd Owens, Manager of Davenport, Iowa, Peoria, Illinois and Hays, Kansas

special thanks to Sandy's manager Steve Bloecher

mattoon, illinois

highland, memphis, tennessee

special thanks to Sandy's fans Larry Agee and Robby Delius!

colorado springs, colorado seneca, wichita, kansas

special thanks to Sandy's fan Chuck Kerls

kewanee, illinois **kewanee was sandy's #100 and opened on 8/9/1965. 2002 rockingham road, davenport, iowa 15th street and harrison, davenport, iowa 405 - 5th Ave., sterling, illinois opened on january 19th, 1967
1405 salem hills, st. louis, missouri

special thanks to Sandy's fan Jim Keith

summer, memphis, tennessee rock island, illinois 2101 camanche, clinton, iowa, opened July 13th, 1967.
bettendorf, iowa*** maquoketa, iowaspecial thanks to Mr. Jim Kelley geneseo, illinois muscatine, iowa
quincy-east, quincy, illinois opened april 1959 sheridan road, peoria, illinois opened August 8th, 1958

Special thanks to Larry Ware

salina, kansas

special thanks to Sandy's bum Collin Francis and Sandy's superfan Terry!

charleston, illinois

opened 10/9/68

santa rosa, california

special thanks to Sandy's Supervisor Ron Burris



hannibal, missouri linden ave, dayton, ohio

special thanks to Nick Weizman

downtown peoria, illinois sandy's belgium largo, florida

Special thanks to Rob Delius!

sault ste. marie, ontario, canada

special thanks to Larry Cayen

fayetteville, arkansas

special thanks to Lee Watson

fort madison, iowa hillside, illinois university, dubuque, iowa

special thanks to University Franchisee owner John Bonnette, Sandy's fan Phil from Dubuque and also Phyllis Bowers

evansville, indiana heath, ohio (newark)

special thanks to Priscilla Howell





Special thanks to Mike Reeder!

mount pleasant,


ft. smith, arkansas marquette, michigan

special thanks to Gary Sundblad for the rare vintage radio ad!

atlanta, georgia

Special thanks to Rob Delius!

special thanks to Sandy's fan Dan Rieskamp

glenway, cincinnati, ohio

2120 west 9th street, lawrence, kansasSpecial Thanks to Chuck Kerls! 5651 N. Dixie, Dayton, Ohio

special thanks to Sandy's fan Paul Cassidy

5002 N. Peoria, Tulsa, Oklahoma

special thanks to Sandy's fan Wanda Baker

5324 17th StreetTopeka, Kansas Special thanks to Chuck Kerls AGAIN! This is his second original Sandy's building found! Visit the Wichita, Kansas page for the other! Mishawaka, Indiana,

Special thanks to Ross Trimboli and Annette Brown

McClure, Peoria, Illinois

Special thanks to Larry Ware

401 S. Western, Peoria, Illinois

Special thanks to Ron Rose

Fulton, Missouri

Special thanks to Jerry LeSeure!

Denton, Texas

Special thanks to Derek 'Deke' Wakefield!

Pekin, Illinois

Special thanks to Joanne Heilman!

St. Paul, Minnesota

Special thanks to Paul R.!

Addison, Illinois

Special thanks to John Schulkins!

Decatur (North) Sandy's

Special thanks to John Wilson!

Decatur (East) Sandy's

Special thanks to Harold Dean!

Louisville, Kentucky

Special thanks to Rob Delius!

7628 Penn, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Special thanks to Robby Delius!

2424 w. 6th street, topeka, kansas

Special thanks to Sandy's fan Mark!

5207 East Kellogg, Wichita, Kansas, Special thanks to Sandra Good! Elyria, Ohio Sandy's locations.

Special thanks to Rich Kummerlowe!

617 Division St., Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Special thanks to Rich Kummerlowe!

W. Main Court St., Marion, Illinois

Special thanks to Ronnie Mapps!

Great Falls, Montana

Special thanks to Great Falls Tribune feature writer Rich Ecke and David from the Greaterfalls page at!

201 Woodman Drive, Dayton, Ohio

Special thanks to Robby Delius!

Sandy's Springfield East, 18th & South Grand, Springfield, Illinois

Special thanks to Ken Torricelli!