Sandy's Davenport, Iowa Rockingham Road

Located at 2202 Rockingham Road, Sandy's met the needs of hungry customers in this blue collar area. Rockingham Road is the home to many factories as well as businesses. It also is located in the heart of the older residential section of Davenport, Iowa which also includes a thriving business district. One of the areas first McDonalds as well as an incredible Tastee Freez, which is still in business as of today, were also located near this younger sibling of the Harrison Street location.

click on image for enlarged view of the inside of Sandy's!

Incredibly, Rockingham Sandy's still exist, right underneath the new Hardees building. In this amazing picture, we see the left support beam for the front fin! This beam can actually be seen in the 1960's Rockingham Road Sandy's picture (see above)! Fast food restaurants such as Sandy's and McDonalds built layers on top of the original buildings instead of tearing them down. The buildings were fitted with the newest concept design. If one were to tear apart this Hardees today, you would find the original building ready to go with restoration! Four beams are visible in the restaurant with the other two beams covered with facade.

Here is a fantastic picture of the front two beams which were icon trademarks of the classic Sandy's drive-in buildings! One enters Rockingham Hardees today and is warmly greeted by the two front beams in which thousands of Sandy's customers passed thru over thirty years ago! These beautiful hard wood beams are in fantastic shape, and are classics, supporting the building now well into their third decade. What an incredible treasure!

Rockingham Sandy's had a front, a left and a right fin. The first picture is of one of the right beams which supported the right fin. The other right beam is covered by facade and is unexposed. The second picture is of one of the left beams. Its twin is also covered and is not visible.

For Sandy's fans, it just keeps getting better! Above the ceiling tile, one reveals that which has not been seen in over thirty years. Here is yet another incredible picture, thru the popped ceiling tile (special thanks to the crew of Rockingham for allowing this) it can now be revealed... the beams are exposed! Sandy's comes through! This is an amazing picture of the front left beam connecting to one of the original ceiling cross beams!

With the fantastic discovery of the original Sandy's beams still in use and existence, attention is drawn outside to the front of the building. When looking at the Hardees entrance sign, one can see the indentation where the original fin jutted out from the building. It is much harder to observe than the exposed beams inside of the building but it can be seen. The task of stripping away all facade from the building would reveal an original Sandy's building. With repair it would be ready to go once again.

One can only wonder what hidden treasures are under the facades. The area behind the Hardees sign is approximately the same size as the original Sandy's sign! Perhaps the original Sandy's sign still exists behind the blue area! Maybe the new tile inside is covering up the red and black Sandy's plaid! 2202 Rockingham Road is a Sandy's treasure.

Legendary WOC engineer Jon Book has unearthed a clipping from a college paper of 9-24-71.

It is a psychedelic advertisement from Sandy's on Rockingham in Davenport! Pretty groovy wasn't it?! - Jon