Sandy's Hannibal, Missouri

Sandy's Hannibal, Missouri

Looking for pictures, stories and pictures of memorabilia of Hannibal, Missouri Sandy's! Here is how you can help.

Apparently the location still exists at Huck Finn Plaza (not in its original form)(see the locations section/rockingham road, davenport, iowa for the wooden beams to look for if they still exist). If you could take a picture of it and email it to this site, it would be appreciated.

Another way to help would be to check the high school yearbooks from 1967 thru 1977. Sandy's usually participated in buying ads in the back of the books in the business section. The high school kids most likely took a picture of the building inside or outside which helps to tell the Sandy's story on this site. If you have a digital camera and wish to participate, please call the Hannibal Public Library who most likely has these issues. Please take a picture of the pictures in the yearbooks and again, send it to this site.

Not able to take a picture? Just adding to the story of Sandy's that you remember will certainly help! If not, please check out this Sandy's fansite and enjoy regardless!

Meanwhile, please enjoy this great story by William Richmond who ate at Hannibal Sandy's and an explaination from another Hannibal resident of the proximity of Hannibal Sandy's to the local high school! These were taken from Hannibal's favorite radio station KHBL 96.9 FM's excellent message board on their website.

It stood where the long office building is now, across from the present Hardee's. Where Lincare etc. is. When you turn into the North entrance of Huck Finn, you take an immediate right then an immediate left. It stood back toward the back of the lot and was just kind of a square building with a front counter and surrounded by glass windows and doors. After it changed to Hardees they extended the long sitting area with the tables and chairs. That long extended part is where Lincare and the other offices are now except it looks much different now. At the time it was more just windows and a couple of glass door entrances.

When it was Sandy's, I almost got killed in there one day. I was over at the end of one counter and just happened to be looking out the door. This car pulled in to park and it's breaks went out and crashed through the doors and into the counter. If I hadn't been looking, I would have gotten hit. That one Bridges guy was managing it at the time. I remember him coming out and saying to the driver, "You're insurance company is going to love you." Back to top Guest Posted: 7:52 PM Thu Aug 12, 2004 Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a short walk from HJHS and HHS!

When I was in junior high and high school, I loved going to the Sandy's in Hannibal, MO. The Big Scot Burger was the best. I would give my right arm to find out the recipe for the sauce they put on them!

Rick Turnbough .

If you have any memories to share of this Sandy's or any other pictures which you may be able to find in any of the Hannibal High School's yearbooks (check from around 1963 thru 1973), please let me know!click here to email me with Hannibal Sandy's information and/or pictures!