Sandy's Bettendorf, Iowa

Sandy's 2400 Spruce Hills Drive, Bettendorf, Iowa

special thanks to the Bettendorf, Iowa and Davenport, Iowa library archives

Sandy's at 2400 Spruce Hills Drive in Bettendorf, Iowa opened on or around February 3rd, 1972. By this time, the merger between Hardees and Sandy's was going forward. Soon Hardees would buy out Sandy's thus making Sandy's class of 1972 most likely the last ones to ever open.

Spruce Hills was an excellent location as it drew upon the high traffic Middle Road area of the city as well as being one of the main arteries connecting to Kimberly Road in Davenport, Iowa which is one of the busiest roads in the state. The location was changed into Hardees and remains one to this day in 2004, now some three decades after being started as an eating establishment!

UPDATE! 9/27/05... Ron Troxel reveals that the location is now shut down! It is unclear at this point what will happen to this building!

Greetings... Great site!

When I was growing up, I could see the lights from Sandys off in the distance from my parents front porch. When I close my eyes I can still see that image. What a great place it was!!

I don't know if any one has told you this since Bill Wundrams column in Q.C. Times the other day, but sadly to say they have now closed that Hardees all together. Bettendorf was never the same without Sandys. It's really depressing to drive by and see just the empty shell of the building now that even the Hardees is gone.

Again...I love your site...Great Job!!

Ron Troxel

As you can see from the artist rendition in the grand opening ad, Sandy's had completely changed its building from the drive-in concept to the new prototype store. No longer a walk-up, the Sandy's built in 1972 were now a sit down dining experience. This building is typically associated with Hardees but was actually Sandy's design. Gone as well was the dancing Sandy's girl, replaced with the Sandy's girl icon head.

Bettendorf Sandy's was the fifth successful location in the Iowa/Illinois Quad City area! The year was 1972 and Sandy's took advantage in its advertising of the hottest fad on the planet at the time... the smiley face! Sandy's also was going forward with its new motto "Sandy's puts the fun into eating out".

Here we notice an example of Sandy's competition with McDonalds. This is Sandy's version of the shamrock shake. Sandy's always tried to do McDonalds one better as evident with the buy one get one free ad!

Sandy's was famous for promotions. Yet another great promotion was a chance for children to meet the Easter bunny, receive a free chocolate bunny and have the free bunny signed by the Easter bunny as well!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Bettendorf, Iowa, the Quad Cities or elsewhere, please email me!