Sandy's Denton, Texas

Sandy's Denton, Texas

Most likely opened in 1963, Denton, Texas Sandy's was one of the restaurant's first fifty drive-ins! Special thanks to Derek 'Deke' Wakefield for providing this glimpse into yet another of Sandy's great locations!

Denton Sandy's took at least one ad out in the local high school yearbook business sponsor page. This ad is in the Krum High School,Jr,Elem TX 1971 BOBCAT Denton Yearbook. There is a slight chance that a picture of Sandy's appears in this ad. If anyone is in the area and can check at the public library, the local high school yearbooks from 1964 thru 1973 (and perhaps thru 1978) may just have a picture or more in the business sponsor section. If you have a digital camera and can shoot a copy of these ads for placement on this site, it would really be appreciated to help tell the story of Sandy's great classic Denton location!

Great site!

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the Denton, TX Sandy's. It was located on the South side of University Drive (US Hwy/Route 380) across from the Denton Center strip shopping center. To be more specific, it was on a triangular shaped lot bordered by University on the North and Sunset on the South.

University has been the main drag here in Denton for HS kids since back in the 50's. Until the mall opened in the early 80s, University was THE place to be for teenagers and college students on weekends during the 60s and 70s. Of course, Denton HS was not far off the beaten path from University, and Texas Women's University (TWU - hence the street's name) was situated at the eastern end of the main drag. Our Sandy's was strategically located almost halfway between Denton HS and TWU.

I vaguely recall seeing it as a young child growing up in the 60's. The dancing Scottish girl on the sign made a strong impression on my mind back then. Unfortunately, I have no memories of us ever going there (but I remember relatives showing up at our house with Sandy's cups).

I have no memories of it being turned into a Hardees (but I confess I've slept a great deal since then). The site is currently the location of an Arby's restaurant. As far as I recall, the original Sandy's building was torn down sometime during the 70's.

I recall discussing it (along with a number of other now long gone places on the strip) with a friend a few years. He mentioned their Hi-Lo burgers as being one of their big staples. He jokingly comment in today's health conscious world, Hi-Lo would probably stand for 'High in cholesterol, Low in nutrition.'

Thanks for the memories,

Derek 'Deke' Wakefield

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Denton, Texas or elsewhere, please email me! 1