Sandy's Fulton, Missouri

Sandy's Fulton, Missouri

Fulton, Missouri Sandy's was Sandy's #247 and was located at 216 St. Louis Ave. It was immediately preceeded by Maquoketa, Iowa Sandy's and was built during the final rapid growth expansion in Sandy's history. It joined its sister locations in Columbia and Jefferson City which opened in late 1971 or possibly very early 1972!

Jerry LeSeure not only remembers Fulton Sandy's, he was an owner of the location! He also is listed on the final 1973 corporate Sandy's locations list as manager.

I opened this store in April of 1972 with three partners; Spike Ehrhardt, Tom Daly and Bernie Willard. This store was owned by the four of us and was not a company store. Spike went on to open another 30 or 40 stores in Missouri. Tom and Bernie had five stores in Quincy Illinois. Together they opened the first Sandy's in Quincy in 1960.

Jerry LeSeure

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