Sandy's Atlanta Georgia

Sandy's Atlanta, Georgia

Robert Delius, a frequent and much welcomed contributor to this site has provided yet another unique piece of Sandy's history. He is the first to reveal an advertisement from one of Sandy's two Atlanta, Georgia locations!

GEORGIA #1, 2900 Buford Highway, (Dekalb) Atlanta, Georgia is thought to be the Sandy's in which blues star James Brown frequented. It brought the great taste of Sandy's menu along with its twin location at GEORGIA #2, 205 S. Cobb, Smyrna, Georgia. Both Sandy's remained Sandy's, along with ten percent of all locations, after the Hardees in buy-out in 1973!

5/6/06 UPDATE! Rob Delius has found the 7th anniversary ad for Sandy's! On first appearance, it looks like Atlanta Sandy's had been opened at the point of this clipping (8/7/65) for seven years. A quick check, however, reveals that the company's anniversary is that which is being celebrated! Cake was provided at many locations across the country. The first location was the legendary Sheridan Road, Peoria Illinois location which opened on 8/7/58!

Huge special thanks to Rob Delius for providing this Buford Highway Sandy's advertisement!

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