Sandy's 5651 N. Dixie, Dayton, Ohio

Sandy's 5651 N. Dixie, Dayton, Ohio

Sandy's at 5651 N. Dixie, Dayton, Ohio was most likely opened in the late summer to early fall of Sandy's building craze year of 1967. A quick check of the locations list reveals that it was store #104. North Dixie was also Dayton location #5 out of a whopping 19 locations! Dayton had more Sandy's locations than any other city! Some of the 19 locations most likely never opened as Sandy's but instead perhaps opened as Hardees after the takeover in 1973 and 1974.

Paul Cassidy on 9/26/05 writes;

Hello I saw the old Sandys (has been many things through the years) was torn down last week in Dayton Ohio (corner of Needmore rd. and North Dixie drive).

A quick check on the internet reveals that it was last used as an Arby's. Thanks to Sandy's location team, North Dixie remained a prosperous restaurant location for forty years!

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