Sandy's Hays Kansas

Sandy's Hays, Kansas

Sandy's in Hays, Kansas most likely opened in the summer of 1969. Built on the success of Sandy's many other Kansas locations, Hays was an obvious place to continue the ongoing expansion. Hays build-out was most likely what is known as a third generation Sandy's building as were the majority of Sandy's during this time period.

Dick Owens is not only a Sandy's fan but he worked at the Hays location and his father managed the restaurant! Dick, along with his sisters Terry (Owens) Vogt and Carol (Owens) Speer, remember well how fantastic Sandy's was.

Hi.......Great site. Our father was the manager in Hays Kansas. My heart skipped a beat when I found his name on the site. My sister and I both worked at the Sandy's. He trained in Kewanee, worked in Peoria, Davenport, then out to Kansas in 1969. Had a great store and great people that worked for him. I hated to see them change over to Hardee's. Always thought that the menu was the best. Especially the Big Scot. I was able to collect some Sandy's items. I have glasses, fly swatters, throw away ash trays, and even a light fixture from a dining area. All have the Sandy's logo on them.

This web site is really neat and will be checking in all the time!

Dick Owens

UPDATE!!!! Dick, Terry and Carol have just joined the elusive legends club on this website. They have provided the third ever color picture of a Sandy's location! It is the first ever color picture of a third generation Sandy's building! Also included is the first ever color picture of a second generation Sandy's sign. Incredible! These buildings were built between 1968 and 1971. They play a special role as Sandy's had evolved from a walk-up drive-in to a full scale sit down inside and eat restaurant. Stunning! Fantastic! Spectacular! Even more incredible that he, his sister and his father all worked there. Thank you so much to the Owens!!! Grand slam!

Found some pictures of the Hays Kansas Store. The sign out front reads "Dad Welcomes Larry Terry Michelle". My father was welcoming his daughter (Terry) and her husband (Larry) and their daughter (Michelle). They were coming to visit us from Davenport. They were taken in December of 1969.

Mr. Owens was nice enough to provide a picture of the memorabilia he spoke of. The Sandy's globe is one of the most incredible pieces of Sandy's memorabilia that exist and occasionally pops up on ebay for sale!

UPDATE 7/29/05!!! The Owens have provided yet another picture of vintage Sandy's classic memorabilia! Many thanks for this incredible blast from the past!

Sandy's was all about fun for the family and part of that fun was occasional free-bee give-aways! The Owen's father is listed on one of the business cards as manager of the Peoria Sandy's downtown location. The downtown locations as well as the mall locations were new ventures for Sandy's, opening the doors of growth for the company in the late to very early 1960's as Sandy's was going full speed ahead with expansion! The Peoria card is very unique as it was the first or one of the first to ever cater to an early morning business clientel. The offer is for a doughnut and free coffee, very unique to the Sandy's menu as well as any fast food place during that time period!

Notice on the Sandy's hats that not only is the crew hat shown but also the yellow manager's hat which is a rarely seen item, the first on this website!

Ketchup, salt, sugar pack and other Sandy's goodies!

Next is a picture of a Sandy's automobile mini-trashbag. These were very popular during the 1970's and attached to the inside of your car such as the window handle or lock or just about anywhere you chose to hang them! Notice the emphasis on keeping litter in its place, yet another classic 1970's flashback!

Halloween provided an excellent give-away opportunity as shown here, the Sandy's trick or treat bag. More than one version of these were produced, most likely a different version yearly during the 1960's and early 1970's!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Hays, Kansas or elsewhere, please email me!Thank you again to the Owen's for this incredible page! 1