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Name(by what he is known):Sagara Sanosuke(please note that in Japanese,sir name's come first)---he took the 'Sagara' name in memory and honour of his most respected person,captain who he missed very much indeed---
Real name:Higashidani Sanosuke(like I said,sir name comes first for the Japanese)
Nicknames:Tori Atama(chicken-head*lol*for he's hair kinda looks like that :p),Sano(short for Sanosuke),Zanza(because he used to carried it everywhere),Moron/Fool(by Saitoh),Rooster Head(Samurai X version)
D.O.B:unknown(somewhere the last week of the month he's born/February/1860(@_@---he impressed me with his hunky-looking face,cool voice and mysterious eyes even though he does not belonged or exist in the 20th-21st century,wow!)
Age(in the show):19(20 later and so on)
Height:179 cm/6'(feet)
Weight:71 kg/about 142 lbs
Blood type:B
Hair and eyes:Brown
Current resident:an apartment in Tokyo(or Kyoto? You know what? The Samurai X version really made me confused a lil' between Rurouni Kenshin version*oro*)
Weapon:Zanbatou a.k.a Zanza(too bad it's broken by Kenshin),fists,bare hands
Fighting skill:Futae No Kiwami(I was really surprised myself. He learned that from a Buddha(or was he an ex-Buddha or an anti-whatever-Buddha??!)named Anji for only a week*wow*)
First appearence/appeared in
:4th episode in the show/Rurouni Kenshi a.k.a Samurai X Anime tv series and Mangas(I dunno)
No,sadly. Neither one of the question is answered as a YES. What really happened is that he travelled around the world from America,to Europe and then Mangolia etc. At the end of the manga series,he wrote a letter back to Japan(Kamiya Dojo)saying that he'll be back soon and ask if that nobody's dead during my exploring yet,right? And told them to not forget to prepare him that favourite salty fish he likes to eat(pic above will give ya da idea^^). Well,that's it. Oh,yeah! And by that time,he's 25 years old*wow*. My,how time flies...
I'm not sure,but it seems like he & Megumi are like a couple(?). He's wearing a kimono & I think Megumi washes his clothes? That time was when Japan was peaceful & Kenshin and Kaoru are on their way back to Kyoto(or was it Tokyo? I'm really confused*boff*). That's it. Nothing much. Only that when they arrived,Sano & the rest of the Kamiya Dojo members & friends are waving at them(Kenshin & Kaoru)above the bridge. So not all RK endings are predictable. Maybe there's a new RK season coming ahead I supposed so that's why the endings(Manga or Anime)seems...incomplete*lol*!!!
Oh,good! Someone's dedicating this site specially for me :)!
*Smile*I never thought that anyone left who likes Rurouni Kenshin would ever dedicated anything to me. I've been happy that I'm a very well-known & favourite character among Rurouni Kenshin fans. Guess what? When Nobuhiro Watsuki or anyone else set up some polls about favourite characters,I will always be on 2nd place after Kenshin^^. Thanks,sanosuke_fan & all of you fans of mine,no matter who or what you guys are. I appreciate that many people still support me(besides Saito*grin*). Keep supporting me,ok? I love you all*wink*! *Cough*Ok,enough of my nonsense,so what are you fans waiting for? Scroll down>>>
Who The Heck Is Sanosuke??!!
Sano have good body-shape*0.0*!!! So awesome^^!
How to know if it's him:he wears a red bandana on his forehead,have the kanji word on his shirt behind wrote "evil" or "bad" or "wicked",has brown spiky Goku-kinda-look hair,probably the tallest member of the group or family in Kamiya Dojo,wear bandages on his feet(the some first parts is seen on his right hand caused by stopping Megumi from trying to kill herself/commit suidcide and for punching Shishio's face)and he likes to place a small bamboo stick or fish bone in his mouth for fun^^.
Hobbies:gambling,partying,drinking(sake-rice wine),search for food,fighting(just for fun and profit),teasing,etc
Background/History/Personality Truits/Biodata:
   When he was a boy(somewhere around age 6),he was in the Sekihou Tai Group(an organization that worked with the Ishin Government during the end of the Tokugawa Era). The captain and leader of this group is(that's right,Sano's fake sir name:Sagara)Sagara Souzou,the man who Sanosuke respected alot. Like he was he's idol. But later the Ishin Shishi somehow betrayed them(I have no idea what the reason is*sob*). They killed all the members of the group,including their captain,where they executed him and display he's head hanging in front of public*yuck*(poor Sano,he witness it and he can do nothing about it*sob*).
   Sanosuke was believed to be some of the remaining members of the Sekihou Tai Group*sob*. That is when he started to hate(correction:despite)the Ishin Government. When he was gettin' older,he became a gangster(well of course,he quit being it already. Good for him. But the bad thing is that he still has some "gangstah" attitude in him*-_-*). When he was young,he was actually a cute,loving and caring boy. Well,his bitter and sad past changed him alot*boff*.
A pic of Sano when he's young :)!
When he went to Tokyo(this is where the story begins with him in that very first episode he appeared),he was hired by Gohei to kill Kenshin. Since he heard that he was with the Ishin Shishi Government during the previous era,Sano accepts the offer right away.
    But during the battle,Kenshin get to defeat him although Sano uses he's best skills and strenght to fight him. All it takes was just Kenshin techniques called the Hiten Misurugi(that is when Sano's Zambatou was destroyed). So without the Zanza now,he was forced to use his fists.
    So,that's when he started to join Kenshin and the rest of the Kamiya Dojo members. He and Himura(Kenshin)are close buddy-buddy and friends after that very day.Well,they became best friends from that very day on.
    He's tough,hard to give up even if it's for life,have an attitude,cool,good self-esteem,brave,rebel,help people in hard times and loyal. But he's bad side is that he's easily hot-tempered(like Sailor Mars*lol*,they outta be good friends^_^)and he love to curse or say lots of rude things and swear words. No wonder he's shirt at he's back was written with the "bad" thingie word on it : P.
Something's fishy...*lol*
Sometimes fight with Megumi(teased her for not marrying at the age of 22 and below and called her "Fox Lady" etc.)and probably Kouru(Kenshin's girlfriend). You can othen see him uses Kenshin as his shield from things thrown by Kouru*lol*.
   I'm not sure,but I heard many Kenshin fans said that he likes Megumi and another girl(what was her name again? oh,yeah!:)Sayo(I think). They both(sano and foxy doc^^)hated each other badly but they somehow have feelings for each other(I supposed). But if Sano really loves one of them,I won'tt stop him. Infact,I'll be much more happier for him if he gets to be with his loved one. Even though that means he can't stick with me. You know,you'll be happy if you see your loved one happy too^_~.
Last I heard about him(what happened to him at he end):Did he have a girlfriend or wife? Did he ever get to be with Megumi? Wanna REALLY know what happened to our beloved Anime guy(from the past^^)? Highlight the text below...
Seiyuu(Japanese voice-caster):Yuji Ueda(he's voice for him is suitable for the Japanese version and I think I heard him sung a few of songs fo the Kenshin soundtrack like Kokoro no Hadaka,Ippatsu Yarou and 2 of a Kind! )*hint hint*Go here for Sano Japanese sound bites^^.
English voice-caster:Lex Lang(he's voice really is suitable for Sano for the English version and he's not bad in the "Tactics" English dub song)
Pstt...he's enemy is Saitoh(?)but I think he's a good guy like Kenshin. He's the reason why Sano wants to learn the Futae no Kiwami technique. ;p
Why Do I Love Him*blush*??!!
*Hehehe*One of my fans love me? Hic!*blushing*
Just HOW come? WHY? WHAT'S sooooooo great bout him? HIGHLY PERSONAL STUFF,so go here(especially REAL & TRUE Sano-san lover---girls of course unless you're a gay or bi*lol*---just kidding,sorry)!!!!
Sanosuke's Pics(Manga & Anime)
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TOP 10 Reasons On Why You Should Like Him
Oh! Sano-sama looks kawaii here!
1. He looks kawaii even when he's taking a nap,drunk or angry.
2. He wears a suit which you can always get the chance to see his chest/body build*lol*.
3. He must have had his hair do or cut from outer space but you don't care for it looks sort of hunky for him^^.
4. It's just so nice to be in his shoulders/protection*blush*.
5. He's still single*hint hint*^_^!
6. He saves & teases Megumi alot. Hey! If you're a "foxy lady" or older than him 10 times,that means he'll do that to you too and you don't give a dang about that because you know you enjoy it*lol*.
7. You don't mind paying the bills for him to drink
sake because you know you'll get to see him drunk and do something kawaii^^.[paying it:10 000 yen*oro* but watching him:priceless*lol*]
8. Dating him is like having a private body guard^_^!
9. Seeing him eat already makes you delighted and full even if you haven't even touch your meal.
10. He's a hero. He's character was based on a guy in Japan back in the 18th century where he's believed to be one of the most hunky guy among his group(but a lil' bit chubbier^^).
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