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BADRIKASHRAM - Manifestation through the curse on Nar Narayan dev

Lord Swaminarayan's manifestation on this earth was to please His devotees. However to manifest on this earth, there always has to be a factor that leads to Lord's manifestation. About two to three hundred years ago, In India and in the rest of the world ,there prevailed such darkness of ignorance in spiritual matters that people were completely ignoring the scriptures and acting immorally to suit their fancies. This was propagated by self pronounced spiritual leaders who twisted the scriptures to suit their materialistic urges and led others to believe the same. Those who disagreed suffered at the hands of these pseudo-saints and pseudo-Gods.

At this very time, divine sages and saints who had just finished their pilgrimage in India and had witnessed the above mentioned drastic decline in the righteous conduct and devotion to God, arrived at Badrikashram. At Badrikashram resides Lord Nar Narayan Dev, who are the TWIN forms of God. Lord NarNarayan Dev are the main deities of Bharat Khand and are the first incarnations of Almighty Lord Swaminarayan. The divine abode of Badrikashram is situated in India but is not visible or accessible to mortal beings. The divine sages and saints who arrived there were not ordinary human beings, they were accomplished saints and so could enter Badrikashram whenever they pleased to see Lord NarNarayan Dev. On this occasion they had  the sad news to depart to Lord NarNarayan dev about the rise in unrighteousness and the downfall of religion in Bharat Khand. Of course Lord NarNarayan Dev knew about it but He was just performing a divine incident by acting innocent. When told about it, Lord NarNarayan Dev telepathically sent for Durvasa Rishi (sage).

While this discussion of the current situation in Bharat Khand was taking place, the father and mother of Lord Nar and Lord Narayan , were also present. Also present was Uddhavji (the same Uddhavji from the period of incarnation of Lord Krishna). As telepathically arranged, Durvasa Rishi arrived and stood behind the divine congregation at Badrikashram but no one noticed him so he was not welcomed. He stood there for quite a long time but still nobody noticed him. On not getting the welcome a great sage like him would deserve upon arrival, he shouted loudly to curse the audience.

He cursed the entire audience to take birth on earth and suffer misery at the hands of evil people. At this time Lord Nar Narayan dev meditated upon Lord Swaminarayan in His divine abode Akshardham. Lord Swaminarayan instructed Lord NarNarayan dev that He (Lord Swaminarayan) would be manifesting on earth through the curse on Lord NarNarayan dev (since they were also cursed). All the sages and saints pleaded for mercy from Durvasa Rishi including Dharmadev and Murti devi, the parents of Lord NarNarayan dev. Eventually Durvasa Rishi calmed down realizing that everyone was busy listening to Lord Narayan Rishi. He told them that even though he couldn't take back his curse, he blessed them that Lord Narayan will be manifesting on earth and will deliver them from the evils and finally redeem them. But it wasn't Lord NarNarayan dev of Badrikashram that were going to manifest. It was Almighty Lord Swaminarayan. Lord Swaminarayan had instructed Lord Nar Narayan dev to accept the curse as He (Lord Swaminarayan) wanted to manifest. Lord NarNarayan Dev were just a medium for Lord Swaminarayan's manifestation.

From now, everything was to change! Nothing like this had ever happened. The God of all Gods, the cause of all incarnations, the one above all, Lord Swaminarayan was to manifest Himself, not incarnate!

everyone rejoiced and we still are ! .....

Jai Shree Swaminarayan