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SARVOPARI STATUS - Who Is Lord Swaminarayan?

Lord Swaminarayan has told us Himself in many instances, of His actual status. But we have chosen to forget that status. He is not a mere incarnation. He is the cause of all incarnations and there is nothing beyond Him, making Him, SARVOPARI. In this section we shall be looking at all the divine discourses and incidents by Lord Swaminarayan that will help us in believing in Him the way He should be believed! (all based on the divine scriptures)

Below is an extract from Vachanamrit No. 13 of Gadhada (Middle), spoken by Lord Swaminarayan on the thirtieth day in the second fortnight of the month of Shravan of Samvat 1878. He delivered this discourse at the temple of Shri Vasudev Narayan in the Durbar Gadh (residence) of Shri Dada Khacher.

"I absolutely have no cognisance of my detachment from this world or of the thorough observance of my Dharma (righteous conduct authenticated by scriptures) or of Gnyan (divine knowledge) that I am Brahm (beyond 'maya', the illusionary power of God). I at times exhibit appreciation for certain objects or show repugnance for some, which I do with a purpose. Whenever certain objects are offered to me for my enjoyment, it becomes difficult for me to stretch my mind towards such objects. Except for such efforts of drawing my mind towards these objects, my mind always remains placid. It is like throwing a stone in the sky with the force which propels the stone high in proportion to the force released and brings it down when the force is withdrawn. To quote another instance, a diseased animal can be kept upright only when supported, and it falls down as soon as the support is withdrawn. Again, a man with great vitality can crack a betelnut by his teeth, but when his teeth are affected with acidity by chewing lemons, he can hardly chew even boiled grams. Similarly I stretch with great effort my mind towards the various objects offered to me. This is because my indriyas (sense organs) remain drawn within the Hridaykash (a bright space in the heart), which I see as extremely luminous. Just as the sky in the monsoon is covered with innumerable clouds, similarly my heart remains pervaded with such great luminosity."

"Within this luminous light, I see the image of GOD as extremely lustrous. Even though the complexion of God is dark, with extreme luminosity emanating from Him, He appears fair. He is almost human in shape with two hands, two legs and has a magnificent charm. he does not possess four, eight or thousand arms. He is perfectly like a human being and a teenager. I see this image of God to be sometimes either sitting or standing or sometimes even moving. I see the released souls seated before Him. These released souls with their fixed gaze look towards Him. I see this image of God before me now, and I used to see him even before I came to this Satsang. This image of God was before me when I was in the womb of my mother. And even before I entered the womb of my mother, I used to see this God. I speak now from there - the divine abode, and I see u all seated there in the divine abode. But neither this town of Gadhada nor this verandah here is seen by me."

".....The image of God seated in the divine light is called the essence of the Atma or Parabrahm or Purushottam.".......Purushottam Bhagwan, who transcends Akshar, is the CAUSE OF ALL AVTARS (incarnations) who emanate from His divine form, and revert to Him after completing the mission on earth."

"........The image of God seen in the divine light within, is ME. However if you cannot digest this truth, then you may at least feel sure that I see the image of God in the light emanating from the Akshar."