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Dusit Hotel Nikko Manila, Philippines
January 4, 2003
Members of St. Anthony High School batch 1978 met again as a class at Dusit Hotel Nikko in Makati -- 25 years after graduation. Here is Ronnie Casaul's account of behind the scenes scenarios that led to the actual Homecoming event on January 4, 2003:

I arrived in Manila just after Christmas; I was bringing
with me the master souvenir CDs created by Andy and
Morris for mass production. Met the core committee
in the evening of my arrival. I was right away amazed
on how much work they had accomplished. Onet our
chairman was busy instructing everyone on what are the
roles each one will play during the reunion. I was
assigned as crowd control or 'bouncer'. I hesitated
at first but this is for the reunion, it is the least
I could do. The reunion is a huge undertaking but
everyone was excited.
All the hard work and long nights will finally come
into fruition.
But you could sense the camaraderie among the group.
Dennis with his usual lawyer flair was beside himself.
He came up with an incredible line of "walang
malisya" which is now his trademark. BJ even
commented that this would be the first time the
committee will adjourn before 1 AM. I was shown for
the first time a copy of the souvenir program. It is a
superb piece of work ably chaired by Anna with BJ as
layout artist. We’re all set for the dress rehearsal
slated for Jan. 2 at Dusit. we decided to have some
drinks at Greenbelt 2 or 3, for those who have not
seen this place in Makati i suggest you should. We
were surprised to get a call from George who happened
to be in the same area.

A get-together at Noeng's on the night of Dec. 28 with
some 15 classmates. The food and company was great.
Thanks to Noeng's wife Mercy for being a terrific

then came the txt messages from Yoly and Angie Monday
morning. Dec. 30 about the news that Onet's home
suffered considerable damage from a fire originating
from his office...everyone was asking what's next. I
was informed that other members of the core committee
had gone through similar type of mishaps but they still all persevered. What dedication!

With Yoly chairing a hastily called emergency meeting
and despite the latest setback, the core group managed
to find ways to pull through. Elaine was able to get
another copy of the AVP presentation, what a relief
that was as the original got burned at Onet's. other
important reunion matters were discussed and resolved.
the meeting was adjourned with a visit to Onet's
place to see if he is OK but generally to give him a
pat on the back.

New Year's day: while it is still great to be in
Manila enjoying the fireworks other matters preoccupy
our minds, the big event, the reunion.

The dress rehearsal at Dusit Jan. 2. Final
arrangements were done with the Dusit hotel staff
about accommodations, venue, food and the like. The
core group checked out the ballroom. There were representatives from various eras, the 60's
to the 90s alumni. Elaine was ably orchestrating the
dress rehearsal. George, Barney, Queenie and Gina
represented our batch. While the rehearsal was going
on, other members of the core group were all quite
busy with their assigned tasks trying to ensure that
every detail is taken care off. Teamwork at its

Jan. 4: the Mass at SAS Parish church. We were
expecting a big turnover from our batch to be there.
To our surprise few attended the Thanksgiving Mass
despite numerous announcements. Marichris, the core
group and some other alumni were there. I guess the
suggestion from Benjie to have a whole day alumni
event will never happen if the turnout would be this
low even for the celebrating batch. No time to
despair anyway as the big event is upon us.

Jan. 4: Pre-reunion at Dusit…This is it. Final
details were being worked at. There is an air of
anticipation. When the music technicians failed to
arrive on time, there was anguish all over. BJ was
beside himself. A sense of calmness was there anyway
as possible backup scenarios were being worked out
with the hotel staff. Finally these guys arrived in
the nick of time. Last minute details were still
being rechecked. We were given walkie-talkies to
facilitate communication. It was confusing when
everyone was trying to talk at the same time. But
amazingly everyone was listening too. It is about 15
past 5 PM when BJ started telling everyone that people
are arriving already to register. The event that
everyone had worked so hard for is now a reality. No
turning back now.

Jan. 4: the reunion…to be continued….

At this juncture…I would like to request other members
of the core group Onet, Elaine, Yoly, Anna, Noeng,
Dennis, Ama, Angie, Maan, Annabelle, Mark, Rey, BJ and
Butch to send us their own take of this
once-in-a-lifetime event…I would never do justice to
what you did to make this happen…so it would only be
fitting that you share with us your experience. I
know you are busy and have many things in your mind.
But look at the alternative, aking mga ka-core group
if you don’t, I will get it from you personally when I
come back kasi I am swamped with requests for updates
here…this request goes to other batchmates who
attended the reunion. We like to hear from all of you.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and thank the

To Andy, for starting this egroup way back Aug 2000
and creating our website. What started out as a way
to get our batch just to communicate was the catalyst
for the reunion to happen.

To Morris, for your assistance in getting the souvenir
CDs created with Andy

To Terry, for your help in getting all those
solicitations and payments together with Andy

To Egay and Dedeth, for your convincing power in
getting people to join the organizing committee.

To Elaine and Anna, for being the very first to join
the reunion committee and believed that despite all
the odds that we will have our own batch reunion.

To Angie, I still vividly remember you going house to
house and office to office just to locate our

To Noeng and Ama, for your attention to detail and

To Maan and Anabelle, for your diligence and hard work

To Yoly, for just being the caring person you are.

To Dennis, for your jokes and having a good eye for

To BJ, when things were tough, your inspirational
emails seem to be what we needed all the time.

To Mark, for being the never-tiring email coordinator.

To Rey and Butch, it seems that we have been friends
for a long time.

To Onet, pare, thanks to you the “daunting task” is
over. Now, more things to be accomplished.

To all those who help us with the funds that we needed
to make this a reality most especially to Rachel.

It was mentioned that why only after 25 yrs did our
batch finally acted as one. All I can say is that
this reunion should not be the end but the beginning.
As I told the core group, when I went back for the
reunion I was expecting to find friends and
classmates, what I found was a family.

May the force be with you !! Live long and
prosper...regards, ron casaul


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