Impassioned Wars

Bulma fell to the ground as Para went to grab her……Pan quickly snapped the creature neck in half, it's limp form falling to the ground as it came into view. A small child dead on the ground……Bending down she shoved her hands in the child's body, ripping out it's her heart. Sniffing it, she couldn't tell. ….Biting into it she found what she wanted.

Persian Blue Eyes: the perfect solider

"Juu-kun," Bra said coming over to him placing a hand over his shoulder. With that he turned his head and looked back at her…."Bra" he said softly looking into those blue eyes of hers as a smile rose from her lips….."Say good-bye."…..He formed a small ki ball on the tip of one finger.

Persian Blue Eyes: a warrior’s soul

(sequel to Persian blue Eyes: the perfect solider)

"No, I will defeat you!" Cecilia barked back as she howled in pain crawling to her knees. Suddenly everything went away. She stood there now naked in a tank. Green eyes stunning her with such depth an beauty. A man figure walking forward. "The power is yours, my love..Become the supreme ruler, become the phenix."

Forever in Sin is the Sweetest of Sins

"Hai, you are a foolish girl." his hand grazed my shoulder, a shock tingling my mind as I stood there. ….. I turned around, there he was. "Vegeta." was all I could do, his name coming out like breath for air.

Romance within a Fire

The smell of blood was thick in her nose as she took in the air around her and the sight that brought fluids almost rising out of her mouth. Flashbacks of past battles and joys where brought back through an odder of sex an dirt mixed with a sickening smell of old and new blood staining the figure on the floor that was in nothing save a towel barley covering areas of delicacy that where only for her loves eyes.

Old Crap

This is some of my first stuff, so some of it is crapy to me now when I read it. Yes I go back from time to time and read my stuff. I even forget what I did in some of my stories so it like reading it for the first time all over again. Anyways enjoy I guess?...