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Welcome to Come What May, my websirte dedicated and in honer of the spectacular film Moulin Rouge. This is still pretty much under construction, but many new pages are yet to come.

"And then I had my first glass of absinthe."

Update 31/5/02
Good job MR! It won  Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design at the Academy Awards! Anyway, today is Ewan McGregor's birthday! He is 31.

Update  3/5/02

    Okay Hi! On the 26th there was a release of the Moulin Rouge 2 CD. Coincidentially, the artist Kyie Minogue debuted her first US release. In case you didn't know, she played the Green Faerie.
Now I have two Quotes pages! Moulin Rouge is nominated for eight Academy Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is what it's nominated for:
Best Picture
Best Actress (Nicole Kidman)
Best Costume Design
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Makeup
Best Sound
It probably won't win Best Picture against "A Beutiful Mind" but I am still cheering for it anyways.
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