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I am Francois Kritzinger, a railroad Modeller from Pretoria, South Africa. 

I will use my site to display my South African railway photographs and models, including both Spoornet and SAR prototypes.  It is amazing how few web SAR and Spoornet web resources are available. Even fewer models are available. So I guess this will sort of turn into an INFORMATION / HOW TO / ADVICE web site. Let's see how it goes...

Currently I belong to a Modular club, called PMT Club, standing for Pretoria Model Train Club. The club web site can be found at  The contact details are still valid as of 2004/11/27.  I can really advise anybody to join a club.

The club does not promote any prototype above another.  We have SAR and Spoornet Modeler running trains happily alongside British and American trains.  We have steam trains crawling along the track with a high speed train flying past.  As long as you enjoy your trains and railroading, you're welcome!





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Links to some other Sites
of interest to SAR and Spoornet

Manufacturers / Shops

SAR Stuff - SAR models in kit or RTR

CMD Models - Supplier of fine detail parts and SAR models

DreamTrains in Bloemfontein


Craig's Models


East Coast Hobbies

Model Train Exchange


Modelling and Prototype info

Pretoria Model Train Club - HO scale modular modellers

Frank's SAR Pages in the UK

Model Train Guide

Transport in Southern Africa (other forms of transport than trains also included)

Quinten Pendle's TrainTalk Railways Audio Magazine

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So, Where to from here?


What's New

My Photo Pages:

South African Models SAR and Spoornet,  the Real Thing

Drawings and Diagrams


Other Train Photos

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Web master's Ranting...

Hi again all.  

Phew!  It has bee almost forever since I last updated this site.  This is not a big update, but I added a section of where to find model info and parts for your SAR and spoornet modelling efforts. 

I really hope you can gain something of value from these pages. If you have suggestions or requests for specific model or prototype info, fee free to contact me on this email address.

Remember, a hobby is only a hobby for as long as you can enjoy it.  When you stop enjoying it, it's time to find something new...

Keep the wheels rolling.


A warning before I get bunches of mails telling me how slow these pages are.  As far as possible, I use thumbnailed pages to show you what lies behind the links.  Most of the Photo links, will open a FULL SIZE photo (often 100k to 200k!) These images takes a while to load, especially if you use a 56k modem or slower.



@2008/06/17: Maybe not quite what you hoped for, but we decided to place some banners of our sponsors on here  Please support them!
@2006/11/14: Links updated with links to suppliers / manufacturers of SAR and SPOORNET models and parts.
@2003/12/30: 'Articles' page was added with a Garrat construction item.
@2003/10/28: Class 9E pages added, thanx to Ralph Christie who shared some images.
@2003/04/24: PMT pages and model pages added.
@2003/02/12: All Diesel and Electric pages updated, and Electric Class 12 was added.
@2003/01/14: Diesel pages (all) updated, and a page added for class 34 diesels. More updates to follow shortly
@2002/11/27: Model page updated with some pics of new models, and an update on the XB-10 and Vapour-Clarkson projects
@2002/10/28: Major updates, a METRO section and a 'This-'n-that' page
@2002/07/15: Nothing major, just a Copyright notice on all pages
@2002/06/13: Added some new model pics, and the first pics of my own layout!
@2002/03/08: Hi all!  I'm still here.  I fixed the links to full size images on the goods wagons Page.  I added an editorial area....
@2001/12/06: The web master still lives!  I started with the photo pages of goods wagons, only thumb nails uploaded for now.
@2001/10/25: I Finally started with the model pics page.  Not much yet, but some pics are up.
@2001/10/23: Updated at last! I added the Class 10E, 6E and 5E pages and photo links.
@2001/10/10: Fixed Class 18E page link.
@2001/10/07: Added the Class 18E page.
@2001/10/05: Added Photo links for Class 8E and added class 36 diesel page and 14E electric page.
@2001/10/03: Class 8E Electric Loco picture pages uploaded. Special Trains page uploaded.
@2001/10/02: New Photo added to Class 35 Diesel Page.
@2001/09/28: Class 38 Diesel Page updated.  Added index page for Electric Locos.
@2001/09/27:  Uploaded the Diesel Locomotives Index page, and Class 35 diesel page.  Hope to have pics of other classes up soon...

If you have any suggestions or material you would like to donate for use on this site, you can contact me here.

I am also available on this news group.

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