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Arabian Rroyal cover used for STING :
Often police in the European Union and United States use a Saudi prince disguise...More!
Prince KHALID FAISAL SAUD arrested for illegal drugs :
A member of the Saudi royal family accused of possessing heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy and cannabis...More!
SAUD FAMILY bring corrupt practices to Germany and Scotland:
Police are investigagting "70 million" in bribes passed around in Germany from the Saud family deals...More!
Prince TURKI's latest news:
Prosecutors demanded the maximum sentence of 3 years for the royal brothers-in-law, Turk and Fahd Al Fassi...More!
Sheik ALLAL AL-FASSI criminally accused:
FBI said: "Sheik Allal al-Fassi, of Saudi Arabia, was arrested as he attempted to sell a stolen ring...More!

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